My vintage feed sack stars

12 04 2013

I made this small quilt in hopes of its inclusion in Mary Mashuta’s book Cotton Candy Quilts, her book of quilts with a depression-era focus, and I was very pleased when she selected it for the book.

02-scan-Dague_2-2012smlEight-Pointed Star Lattice, 2000          34″ x 34″       Photography by Sharon Risedorph

For this quilt I used the same feed sack for the large squares, and the same vintage fabrics for the burgundy red stars at the posts.  However, there is a lot of  variety in the choices of the blues for the shapes in the sashing.


since I still had plenty of the blue patches left over from making the first quilt, I later made this next quilt, using for the large squares and rectangles all the wonderful feed sacks from my collection that had some blues and pinks on light backgrounds.

Quilt 6

Feedsack Stars, 2009                      43.5″ x 43.5″             Photography by Paul Hennessey

The prints are really fascinating up close (see detail below).  The burgundy stars here are all made from one feed sack.

Quilt 6a

Feedsack Stars, detail

For this second quilt, I loved designing an interesting quilting pattern for the feed sack squares.  I feel this added a little something extra to the piece.

The Latest News:     Just two days ago I got into Sibila’s studio for another photo shoot, so more, newer (and some much older) quilt stories will be coming soon.




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