Eight small quilts; I’m back!!!

1 03 2019

I’m finally back in my studio, making lotsa fun stuff and really happy just to be sewing again.  The hip replacement surgery in November took a bit of my time, and during that time I had little energy for creative stuff, so making these donation quilts for my guild’s community outreach program got me back in fine form.

See this link for information on our program, free patterns, and more fun info.

In no particular order, here’s the show:





This might need a comment:  A member of our guild donated these Dr Seuss fabrics, and I fell in love with them.  I made one donation quilt a while back, but anyone who has seen my Happy Quilt Series can tell that this yellow/red/turquoise color combo would be right up my alley, so I kept making them.   I ended up buying a bit more of the fabric and using tons of fabrics from my own stash to finish these crazy four before I ran out of fabrics and interest.




Only two more (non-Seuss) left to quilt.

Feels good to donate these to kids in hospitals and foster care.

Cuddle up with a quilt and see if it helps you feel better.



4 responses

1 03 2019
Karen VanderBeke

Awesome Susan!

1 03 2019
Deborah Wendel

Love your Dr. Seuss quilts! ~ Debbie

1 03 2019

Susan, congratulations on getting a new hip!! Hope you are back up to full speed soon. I love your Dr. Seuss quilts, as will the kids who get them.

3 03 2019
Pepper Sbarbaro


Thanks for sharing these. You inspire me with your commitment to the art of quilting.

These quilts are beautiful, I particularly like the purple and green one. I think it is stunning with your color choices and movement/resting places within the quilt.

Hope you are having a fun weekend. Talk with you soon.

Love Pepper


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