Sewing collectibles–some wacky creations

27 05 2016

As I have previously written, I started collecting these little lovelies probably almost 30 years ago, after being gifted some by my vintage-living sister-in-law Wendy.  This gift coincided with the birth of eBay, and I was hooked.

Most of the fun pieces in my collection are ceramic, and must include a retractable measuring tape.  I have made exceptions over the years, but have not fallen prey to the thousands of other types of pincushions that have been created as long as humans have been sewing.  Mine must also qualify as cute, able to make me smile.

Here are just a few examples.  More coming in future posts.



Some have a space for the mini-scissors.


This is an unusual piece.  I’ve not seen one for sale in quite a while.



Pins go in the pouch.  These crafters have found many interesting ways to include the pins and the scissors.


And I particularly like the scissors as glasses.  Seems to make them even cuter.  A “crown” is often added for the pins.


An second elephant, equally charming.


And sometimes these pincushions had friends.

The scissors, pen holder, measuring tape figure was perhaps at the desk or even the telephone stand, waaaaaaay back when telephones were stationary, some even attached to a wall.


Sometimes I  wonder if stitchers actually used these.  Some come with so many pins stuck in them that I think they might have been used often.

Hope you enjoy the pix.