Cross-stitch I: the roses

18 07 2014

I need to confess that I have needlework loves other than quilting.  I have showcased my  embroideries in previous posts, and herein are the cross-stitch pieces with which  I was fascinated about 30 years ago.

I was introduced to cross-stitch by friend jackie peters, the wife of my accounting mentor Paul Hammond.  Turns out this was a perfect craft for someone with obsessive leanings.  I made small gifts, birth announcements, samplers, etc., using commercially designed patterns for many years.  These were great projects for someone concentrating on a career;  I could pick them up at anytime and then neglect them, if necessary.   I also combined a number of different motifs and designed this huge sampler for my son’s birth.


Later  in my cross-stitching “career”, I discovered quite a few patterns that I just loved  by The Lilac Studio , and I subsequently got much more crazy for cross-stitch.   I’m trying not to count how many of these I made.  Here are just a few of the roses I made to decorate my living and dining rooms.

from pattern Rose Duet II, The Lilac Studio


Gorgeous pale pink:  one of the first I made.

And when I found this line of patterns at Needle in a Haystack in Alameda CA, I also discovered their many batches of hand-dyed, mottled-looking  linens in all different colors.  Most of these beauties are stitched on either 32- or 36-count linens using two strands of DMC floss.


What attracted me to these particular patterns was the detail with which the colors were selected.  This, of course, made the patterns a bit more challenging, and the result of this challenge is a sophisticated realism that few other patterns exhibited.  The detail below shows the subtlety of the mix of all these colors.


a fun small one


from pattern Rose Duet II


An even smaller one


Another small



I contacted Cindy Rice, the designer of all the Lilac Studio patterns, to thank her for her work, and to see what she was working on currently, only to find that she has moved on from cross-stitch to a totally different art-form, namely doll clothing and accessories.  To see a sample of the absolutely fabulous creations Cindy is now making, click here.  And take a second to view her galleries, etc.;  quite amazing.

These roses represent approximately half of the stitchery I sewed.   Stay tuned for more flowers next time.




Vintage Double Wedding Ring

11 07 2014

Another quilt from my vintage collection, this large Double Wedding Ring quilt shows a wonderful array of vintage fabrics, held together by the jade green and pale orange dancing four patches.  This is another of the quilt tops I  purchased, and it was a bit wonky, which may have been the reason for its never having been quilted before now.

Vintage Double Wedding Ring 80" x 90" Photography by Sibila Savage

Vintage Double Wedding Ring
80″ x 90″
Photography by Sibila Savage

Melissa Quilter took on the challenge of making it all work, and her quilting detail does this one proud.  Click on the photo to see a closer view.

It has been a long time since I have bothered to fuss with a curved binding like this, but I think it really makes a statement.  I was pleased to have found a new Kona cotton that is almost a perfect match to the original from 70+ (?) years ago.

Double Wedding Ring, Detail

Double Wedding Ring, Detail

Since it is so bright and cheery, this quilt has been a nice “summer” quilt for the house.


A non-quilting project

I could not resist this fabric at my local shop;  I really never know what will catch my eye, and this one turned out to be perfect for a shirt for my brother Dave.  There is a possibility he might actually wear it on occasion.