Scrap quilts: more leftover fun

27 06 2014

Sometimes,  when I am working on a challenging or laborious project, I feel as though I just want to sew something simple, a project that does not require a lot of brain power.

This is one of those quilts.

My daughter Maggie made a quilt for her college friend Kristin (see that quilt at the bottom of this post), and she gifted me all the leftover pieced scraps, as well as some of the remaining yardage.  Just sewing one piece to another, squaring them up, and sewing on something else was very relaxing and gave me this quilt.

Kristin's Leftovers, 2013 39" x 47.5"

Kristin’s Leftovers, 2013
39″ x 47.5″


I quilted wavy lines up and down the pieced columns, put diamonds in the spacing columns, and double diamonds in the borders–very simple.

Kristin's Leftovers, Detail

Kristin’s Leftovers, Detail

Just another example of the wonderful philosophy of never throwing away anything, especially if the scraps are  already matched and sorted and were previously used for a proven winner!


And just one more for the scrap quilts and leftovers categories:

After making a pile of quilt kits for the Children’s Quilt Project from a small bundle of donated miscellaneous batik fabrics, there was fabric left over, so I cut it all into 2.5″ squares, made this small top, and added a kicky border from my stash.  Whoever receives this quilt when it is finished will never know that because of what I was doing when it was made, I have named it

World Cup 2014, Group Stage




Vintage Scrappy Triangles

20 06 2014

Blue Triangles is another from my vintage collection of quilt tops that have been made into wonderful quilts that we use.  As I have described before, I love to complete the work of someone who has come before me;  it feels right somehow.

The pattern is a Thousand Pyramids variation, set sideways.  Using a slightly different dark/light arrangement, it would be Streak o’ Lightning or Lightning.  Almost all of the lights in this quilt are vintage men’s shirtings.  And I am just guessing that at some point it needed to get just a little bit wider, and additional scraps were found.

Blue Triangles, date unknown

Blue Triangles, date unknown


I used this quilt top to help me learn to machine quilt, managing to quilt the whole thing without marking.

Blue Triangles, Detail

Blue Triangles, Detail



Back to the present—A Sneak Peek

Remember the wheels from the Wheel Medallion in the most recent post?

In addition to the many other preconceived notions I had regarding that quilt, I also thought it would have a snaky border of these fan sections, but that did not turn out to be the case.  Sooooo, I had 28 of these block parts leftover.  I LOVE leftovers, because they challenge me to solve the puzzle of dealing with them.

So here is a glimpse of how I am working on with them.

Seriously, people:  Never throw anything away!


Wheel Medallion

13 06 2014

My most recently completed project, this Wheel Medallion represents a true labor of love, which included my continuing to learn all the do’s and don’t’s of the medallion process.

Wheel Medallion, 2014 77" x 77" Photography by Sibila Savage

Wheel Medallion, 2014
77″ x 77″
Photography by Sibila Savage

There were two inspirations for this quilt.  The first was finding this brown fabric on the discount table at a local fabric store;  I bought all they had.  When I started working with the medallion concepts, I thought this fabric would be a good one to use, mainly because of all the different colors included in the fabric.

I loved the deep blues in the print, so my original assumption was that this would be a predominately blue quilt.  FAIL   As with all of the medallions I have made so far, assumptions made at the outset of the project fall by the wayside almost immediately.  This quilt definitely wanted to be brown and rust.

These wheels were foundation-pieced, and I made so many that you will see quite a few more of them in a different configuration in posts to come.  Anyone who knows my work understands that I discard almost nothing leftover from a project, using as much as I can for some other use in the future.

Wheel Medallion, Detail D

Wheel Medallion, Detail D

This quilt was also one of my first attempts at a large applique project.  Turns out I love the look, even though the hand work is a bit time-consuming.

Wheel Medallion, Detail C

Wheel Medallion, Detail C

Quilting this piece was also quite a challenge for me.  Each different area of the medallion seemed to call for its own special quilting, so I tried to oblige.

Wheel Medallion-Detail A

Wheel Medallion-Detail A

Below is a photo of the second inspiration for my Wheel Medallion, a vintage quilt seen in a showing at the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek, CA.  I continue to be inspired by the quilts from past eras and am most grateful for the art and the skills of the quilters who have come before me.

Vintage quilt inspiration

Vintage quilt inspiration