Red Triangles-a vintage quilt

29 03 2013

Purchased in 1991, this vintage quilt top was a favorite of mine for a long time, and was one of the first few I sent away to Quilting Plus for hand-quilting, since I thought it deserved such care and respect.  It was such a favorite mainly because staring at and studying it helped to inform the work that I do today.


Red Triangles, date unknown            76″ x 83″       Photography by Sibila Savage

The center of the quilt is a beehive of pinwheels, with the red the only repeated patch.  Since the red is not always in the same position within the pinwheel block, it is hard for the eye to tell where one pinwheel ends and another begins.  Also, the sprinkling of the dark navy triangles near and in the borders seems to frame the brighter center.


Red Triangles, detail 1

These two final borders (one, turquoise rectangles and broken dishes blocks and the other, squares on point)  visually hold all this activity in place.  The construction of  borders is exactly what Freddy Moran mentioned in her Parts Department class:  the quilter made the borders, applied them to all the sides, and, when the border was in place, simply chopped off any remaining fabric, regardless of any block pattern disruptions.


Red Triangles, detail 2

Nothing too fussy or fancy here, just simple shapes and tons of fabric scraps combined in many wonderful ways.

I know this much chaos in one work is not for everyone, but I love it.




One response

5 04 2013
Sonia Callahan

Hi. I couldn’t see the windmill until you pointed them out. Great that you make commentaries along with the great visuls. Sonia

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