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Welcome to the journal of my work.  I’m looking forward to chronicling both the old and the new.   All ideas, inspirations, mistakes, and progress will all be celebrated.

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Sewing collectibles–some wacky creations

27 05 2016

As I have previously written, I started collecting these little lovelies probably almost 30 years ago, after being gifted some by my vintage-living sister-in-law Wendy.  This gift coincided with the birth of eBay, and I was hooked.

Most of the fun pieces in my collection are ceramic, and must include a retractable measuring tape.  I have made exceptions over the years, but have not fallen prey to the thousands of other types of pincushions that have been created as long as humans have been sewing.  Mine must also qualify as cute, able to make me smile.

Here are just a few examples.  More coming in future posts.



Some have a space for the mini-scissors.


This is an unusual piece.  I’ve not seen one for sale in quite a while.



Pins go in the pouch.  These crafters have found many interesting ways to include the pins and the scissors.


And I particularly like the scissors as glasses.  Seems to make them even cuter.  A “crown” is often added for the pins.


An second elephant, equally charming.


And sometimes these pincushions had friends.

The scissors, pen holder, measuring tape figure was perhaps at the desk or even the telephone stand, waaaaaaay back when telephones were stationary, some even attached to a wall.


Sometimes I  wonder if stitchers actually used these.  Some come with so many pins stuck in them that I think they might have been used often.

Hope you enjoy the pix.

Happy Wreath, a long, long tale

8 04 2016

I just spent 15 minutes trying to find the first posting of the beginning pieces of this quilt.  And wow—it was in September of 2012 !!  No wonder I hate it when people ask me how long it takes to make some of my quilts.

Click here for the link to the photo of  the first flowers, way back when I had no idea what I was going to do with them and just kept sewing away.

And here’s the shape they finally took.

Happy Wreath, 2016 68" x 68"

                                         Happy Wreath, 2016
                                                  68″ x 68″


Along the way, the border for this quilt was going to be some pieced 1″ squares, but when the center was finished, that border did not work.  Soooooooo, off I went making 36 more flowers for the vine border.  And, after all this hand sewing, I still love needle turn applique.

artwork by Susan Dague

Happy Wreath, Detail A

The next challenge was what to do with the middle of the wreath.  Add a vase with flowers, add more flowers, quilt flowers ??  None of these worked as well as the leaves, which disappear enough to allow the wreath flowers to stand out.

Many challenges, but I like the final product.

artwork by Susan Dague

Happy Wreath, Detail B

And look closely at this crosshatch background fabric.  This fabric gives the flowers a fun place to play.

This quilt, along with Awake At Midnight, was shown in the EBHQ Voices in Cloth 2016 Show last month.

Awake At Midnight

1 04 2016

May I say I loved working on this quilt and that I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

I named it “Awake At Midnight” for two reasons:

—when I am awake at midnight and in my studio, I just want to sew, not design, cut, hand-sew, do quilt math, etc.  I talked about this in a previous blog post here, the same post in which I showcased the half-square triangles I was mass-producing.  Those triangles turned into this quilt.

—when I am awake at midnight, my brain sometimes feels as frenzied as these patterns look to me.


Awake At Midnight, 2016 66" x 74"

Awake At Midnight, 2016
66″ x 74″


Two important things happened during the making of this quilt:

—First, I found this navy fabric printed with winding vines of flowers and leaves.  Until I found it, I had no idea how I was going to balance all the wild energy of the patchwork.  The “weight” of this print helped to balance everything.

Awake At Midnight, Detail A

Awake At Midnight, Detail A

—Secondly, I realized that adding rust (the complement of the navy) inner and outer borders of sawteeth gave the quilt some pop.

Awake At Midnight, Detail B

Awake At Midnight, Detail B

The center of this quilt was originally going to be just like the outer border, Broken Dishes.  While on the design wall, this did not look so interesting, so I inserted the 16-patches between the dishes.  This makes ones eyes fly all over the place trying to figure out the pattern, which is quite simple but appears complicated.

I love it when putting two simple blocks together makes something exciting.

I also love it when a quilt looks wonderful and intriguing from a distance AND gives the viewer a little bonus when he or she comes in for a closer look.

Rebecca Rohrkaste did the wonderful fan quilting.  I knew it had to be quilted this way, and she made it happen much sooner than I would have been able to.



More Nancy Drew

25 03 2016

The full-sized version of the Nancy Drew quilt is finally finished and photographed.  There were so many of these great fabrics that I felt I had to include as much as I possibly could.  The bold colors were fun to play with.

Get a Clue with Nancy Drew, 2015 61" x 73"

Get a Clue with Nancy Drew, 2015                  61″ x 73″

And here is a detail of the blocks and some of the quilting.



The “Get a Clue” line of fabrics from Moda also included these larger panels of the book covers, so I used this piece for the back instead of trying to find a comfortable way to cut these into blocks.

Nancy Drew Quilt--Back

Do you remember Nancy?  Yes, I read the books in my youth, and I have re-read a few more recently, too, just to take a trip down memory lane.

Now my daughter collects those old books we all discarded, so this quilt is for her.


Photography by Sibila Savage

Voices in Cloth 2016 Marketplace

11 03 2016

For this year’s Voices in Cloth Show, I am taking advantage of the opportunity to sell items in the Marketplace.

So I thought I would put a preview of my items here online.

Friendly Pets, 2015—-36″ x 36″


Kitten Block



Rustic Broken Dishes, 2015—-35″ x 39.5″

artwork by Susan Dague


Turquoise Four Patches, 2015—-44.5″ x 44.5″

Turquoise Four Patches, 2015 44.5" x 44.5"

Turquoise Four Patches, Detail 2


100 Pyramids Leftovers (aka Fruit Slices), 2005—-48″ x 61.5″

The Light Shines Through II, 2005 50" x 50"

100 Pyramids Leftovers, detail Photography by Sibila Savage


Nancy Drew II, 2015—-44.5″ x 44.5″

Nancy Drew II, 2015 44.5" x 44.5"

Nancy Drew II, Detail 1

Nancy Drew II, Detail 3


Japanese Pyramids V, (Brights), 2010—-37″ x 45″


Japanese Pyramids IV, 2010 37" x 45" Photography by Sibila Savage


Indigo Study, 2015—-32.5″ x 43″

Indigo Study, 2015 32.5" x 43"

Indigo Study, Detail, 2015

Indigo Study, Detail

Indigo Study, Back

Indigo Study, Back


Judy’s Scraps, 2015—-30.5″ x 36″


Stop by the Marketplace at the Show, see these in person, and check out all the other wonderful items for sale.  See you there.



Just a few more EBHQ postcard makers

4 03 2016

As promised, here are just a few of the many, many fabric postcards made by EBHQ members other than me.

These are ones that have already been turned in for our fabulous postcard fund-raiser at the upcoming Voices in Cloth 2016 Show (Click HERE for the link to the show details).

Please come to the show and stop by the postcard station by the windows.  This is your chance to make a small donation to our guild and take a little work of art home with you, to share with a friend or keep for yourself.

I have also included a few cards whose maker’s names I didn’t catch, for a variety of reasons.  If you recognize these, let me know and I will update the photos.

Jenny Alexich


Jenny Alexich2

Marcia Alpert


Anonymous 1


Anonymous 2  Woven Ribbons



Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown Postcards

Sonia Callahan


Mary Gilkerson


Lorraine Oller


Orna Pascal



Susan Peck



Nancy Redmond



Claire Sherman


I hope you enjoy this wide variety of artistic styles.  Trust me— there are even more in the approximately 1,500 cards that will be at the Show.

See you there.

Fabric Postcards-2016

19 02 2016

It’s time for all the fabric postcards for my guild’s upcoming show Voices in Cloth 2016 to start coming in to me.  I have been the Postcard Mother for the last six months or so, and I am delighted when all the wonderful cards from my talented guild members begin to appear.

I will showcase a lot of them here, but I will show some of my more recent creations first.  I have so much fun making these;  I hope it shows.

Start with a “Hello”


This is me just playing with the stitching, with minimal fabric


I made tons of these postcards for the last show using these leftovers from a quilt project, and I still had a few more pieces left


Gotta have a little magic!


Love, love, love this cat fabric, so I went a little crazy


Cat detail pic.  Stare into my eyes . . . .


Had to give the puppies equal time, thanks to a great fabric donation from Jean Smith


It was so much fun making the puppy cards that they started talking to me.  This was a good way to use partial images.


My true personality???  This card.


More from other artists soon.

Personal update:

Photos of quilts are coming.  I have finished a lot of quilts, but have not had a professional photo shoot in a while, so I’m waiting until I have Sibila’s fabulous images before I post any here.  Stay tuned.


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