A new quilt . . . and a conundrum

18 10 2019

OMG — It’s been forever since I posted here.  Life gets in the way sometimes, and often in a good ways.  But here is what I have been working on, the one that actually got finished.

However, in completing this quilt I also created a conundrum:

What should I name this quilt when I write about it?

You see, HATE trying to come up with a “Title”, an identifier for each quilt, something that perhaps gives additional meaning to the piece.  Titles are required on show entrance forms and in my inventory system.  These titles often relate to a theme, emotion, place, etc.

But I don’t think or work that way.  I just start with a piece of fabric, a photo of a vintage quilt, a thought that triangles might be nice, or simply a color I want to use.  So I’m often frazzled coming up with a name after the fact.  If I were good at names I would be a writer.  Since I have made almost 350 quilts, they can’t all be called “Untitled.”

Moreover, I feel that no name can add enough information to persuade a viewer to have a different response than what is derived from just looking.

So I started playing around with names that were an accurate expression of my work on this quilt, a limited list that perhaps will be updated when the dust begins to settle in my brain.  Getting this off my chest, ranting over, here are my title suggestions:

The Quilt With No Name

Absolutely Untitled

Untitled No. 344


Entirely Marcia Derse Fabric

This Is So Not My Usual Style

Enough Already with the Pyramids!

I Bought This Fabric:  I Must Use It

Sure, Why Not?

I Just Liked the Way These Fabrics Looked Together  (the inherently true title of ALL of my quilts!!!!)

Hey, This Turned Out Kinda Cool

Just Look at This and See What You Think

I leave this open.  Come up with a non-title for this quilt for me, if you are inspired.


To Be Determined, 2019
63″ x 75″

And here is the detail

To Be Determined, Detail

The story of this quilt’s creation:

Way back in 2016, when I was collecting fabrics for Woven  Hexagons (click here to see that finished quilt), I bought way too much fabric (Surprise!!) and had a banker’s box full of leftovers.  Since I love the colors, tones, prints, patterns, and variety of these Marcia Derse fabrics, I wanted to make another quilt.   But since my current “style” tends toward working with bright colors, I labored over what the new quilt could be.  I finally decided on an old favorite, my pyramid blocks, the huge version of the traditional Thousand Pyramids pattern.  As soon as I made that decision, this project became what I like to describe as the-quilt-that-made-itself, and was completed very quickly.  This pattern also turned out to be a wonderful way to showcase these special materials, imho.