Gallery Three

Here is a gallery of quilts that I have gifted or donated.

Garden of Blue and Green, 201052.5" x 64"

Garden of Blue and Green, 2010
52.5″ x 64″


More two-inch squares, sashed and set on point.

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                              Lavender Garden I, 2004             58″ x 65″


Quilt 6Feed Sack Stars, 2009              43.5″ x 43.5″         Photography by Paul Hennessey

Made entirely from vintage feed sacks and vintage fabrics.  Had fun designing and executing a new overall pattern using the walking foot.

Quilt 6a

Feed Sack Stars, detail


All Plaids, 2009 42" x 44" Photography by Sibila Savage

All Plaids, 2009
42″ x 44″
Photography by Sibila Savage


Lavender Medley, 2009 38.5" x 41.5"

Lavender Medley, 2009
38.5″ x 41.5″


Starshine, 1999


This quilt was made in a class taught by Karen Stone.  I had recently also taken an intense color class with Gerald Roy, and used that color knowledge to make these wonderfully playful color combinations.__________________________________________________________________

Japanese Pyramids V, 2010 37" x 45" Photography by Sibila Savage

Japanese Pyramids V, 2010
37″ x 45″
Photography by Sibila Savage


Blue Check Sashed Squares, 1999 61" x 72" Photography by Sharon Risedorph

Blue Check Sashed Squares, 1999
61″ x 72″
Photography by Sharon Risedorph

Made entirely from vintage feed sacks and fabrics, this quilt was featured in Cotton Candy Quilts by Mary Mashuta.


#178, Jap Pyr IV, curved, med

Japanese Pyramids IV, 2010
37″ x 45″


This quilt was made from the blocks used to demonstrate the foundation-piecing techniques when I taught a class how to make this Kaffe Fassett pattern.

The Watermelon Quilt

The Watermelon Quilt

From the collection of Sumiko Takeda Nakazato


Zig Zag Path, 1997          59″ x 59″                    Photography by Sibila Savage

This quilt made when I took a Gerald Roy class in how to work with plaids and stripes.  Also it was juried into the national quilt show at Paducah and featured in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine.

To read the full story of this quilt click here

Zig Zag Path, 1997

Zig Zag Path, 1997

Zig Zag Path, detail

Zig Zag Path, detail

From the collection of Sumiko Takeda Nakazato

3 responses

25 05 2014
Sumiko Takeda Nakazato

I admire your Zig Zag Quilt on my bed as I wake up in the morning, as I walk past it during the day, and at night as I fall asleep. It never ceases to fascinate me visually offering new discoveries every time my eyes wander over it.

It’s rich visual puzzle. The well-selected stripes and checks cut into nuanced squares and triangles, the paisleys, organic patterns, and the well-placed blue triangles that picks up on all the other colors used throughout add the most effective and surprising dimension to the entire quilt. From a design point of view, it’s masterful!

The image it conjures is that of a craftsman house in Vermont in the late fall. The geometry is the house. At dusk, windows are open a bit to let in the smell of the fallen leaves into the living room with a fireplace. Here’s to smell of roasted chestnuts and cheers to the hearth and friendship with a glass of merlot in hand.

Thank you for your gift of your prize winning masterpiece I treasure it!!!

28 05 2014

It is such a pleasure to have my quilt in the home of someone who loves it, Sumi. I feel so honored. I hope it gives you comfort for many years.

25 05 2014
Sumiko Takeda Nakazato

The Watermelon Quilt is far more complex beyond its simple geometry and catchy colors. The hot pink and kelly green taste like watermelon sugar. It’s cheerful to the extreme overflowing with love of life, constantly dancing to delight my eyes. All the positive fiesta energies overflow to the reverse side of the quilt with its thoughtful singular star pattern.

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