Fun with solids

10 04 2020


This is another story about finishing projects that other quilters have started.

Our EBHQ volunteer group received a donation of a pile of finished blocks, a small finished quilt top and a bag of pre-cut strips, all in bright solids.  Also donated was her pattern, Tiki Temple, a Disappearing Log Cabin by Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef.  (See all of Natalie’s patterns and more Here.)  Although many blocks were sewn, our Mystery Quilter did not finish the Tiki Temple pattern.

Enter me, the lover of leftovers and orphan projects, ready to accept this challenge, especially as I am sheltering-in-place.  The challenge for me was that I rarely work with all solids, save for a random Amish attempt or two.

First, I quilted the small quilt top into one for our Children’s Quilt Project, using random leftover strips for the binding.:

Then, wanting to take the easy route, and admittedly not much of a challenge, I sewed the finished blocks together in a simple pattern different from Natalie’s, and I really like this version.  MQ’s choice of adding white for the centers makes this whole thing so bright and cheery.  This one will be donated to my First Place for Youth project for quilting.



Next, since there were still fabric strips leftover (that magic word again!), I used another First Place pattern, this time Strip It Three Ways Pattern, a fun pattern, available at Annie’s Craft Store. This is definitely where the challenge part became real.

I’m nuts about how this turned out, fun and cheery, just the color palette I need to be working with these days. This one is also destined for First Place for Youth.

And, buckle up, leftover fans, there are still a scant few strips LEFTOVER, and I have found a bright kid’s print to coordinate with them, so stay tuned;  there is one more child-sized piece in the works.

One donation makes four quilts; that’s a big win for us.  Many, many thanks to our Mystery Quilter.


My “sheltering in place” coping strategy

3 04 2020

My extremely simple strategies for optimizing the time I am sheltering:

—-Finish projects, especially if this includes just getting into the meditative zone of sewing

—-Finish other’s works, for donation to different others

—-Sew anything for others; it feels good to be purposeful

—-Acknowledge and be grateful that, over the years, I have fostered this skill that is so personally rewarding, and that I have a mammoth stash of fabrics to be able to do all this for a long time

Here are a few of my recents:

Quilting and binding a preemie quilt top turned in by an EBHQ member:


Piecing and and finishing child-sized quilts, made from just a few of the perhaps thousands of quilt kits put together by Carolyn Weil, chair of the DDCQP, the quilt donation arm of EBHQ. (For many free patterns for making these simple donation quilts, see our EBHQ site here.) Some of our guild members find these “sampler” kits a challenge, but they are my favorites.  Here are three examples:

That’s all for now.  Five more ready for sewing, so stay tuned.