Fabric Postcards-2016

19 02 2016

It’s time for all the fabric postcards for my guild’s upcoming show Voices in Cloth 2016 to start coming in to me.  I have been the Postcard Mother for the last six months or so, and I am delighted when all the wonderful cards from my talented guild members begin to appear.

I will showcase a lot of them here, but I will show some of my more recent creations first.  I have so much fun making these;  I hope it shows.

Start with a “Hello”


This is me just playing with the stitching, with minimal fabric


I made tons of these postcards for the last show using these leftovers from a quilt project, and I still had a few more pieces left


Gotta have a little magic!


Love, love, love this cat fabric, so I went a little crazy


Cat detail pic.  Stare into my eyes . . . .


Had to give the puppies equal time, thanks to a great fabric donation from Jean Smith


It was so much fun making the puppy cards that they started talking to me.  This was a good way to use partial images.


My true personality???  This card.


More from other artists soon.

Personal update:

Photos of quilts are coming.  I have finished a lot of quilts, but have not had a professional photo shoot in a while, so I’m waiting until I have Sibila’s fabulous images before I post any here.  Stay tuned.