My “sheltering in place” coping strategy

3 04 2020

My extremely simple strategies for optimizing the time I am sheltering:

—-Finish projects, especially if this includes just getting into the meditative zone of sewing

—-Finish other’s works, for donation to different others

—-Sew anything for others; it feels good to be purposeful

—-Acknowledge and be grateful that, over the years, I have fostered this skill that is so personally rewarding, and that I have a mammoth stash of fabrics to be able to do all this for a long time

Here are a few of my recents:

Quilting and binding a preemie quilt top turned in by an EBHQ member:


Piecing and and finishing child-sized quilts, made from just a few of the perhaps thousands of quilt kits put together by Carolyn Weil, chair of the DDCQP, the quilt donation arm of EBHQ. (For many free patterns for making these simple donation quilts, see our EBHQ site here.) Some of our guild members find these “sampler” kits a challenge, but they are my favorites.  Here are three examples:

That’s all for now.  Five more ready for sewing, so stay tuned.



4 responses

3 04 2020
Sumi Nakazato

I like the blue one a lot! The solid squares pull all the other patterns together very nicely!

3 04 2020
Carolyn Weil

all beauties!

3 04 2020
Sharon Cohen

Susan, quilter extraordinaire!!!. There will be some happy children awaiting these quilts. I love your thoughts, a nice addition to your post.

5 04 2020
Heather Day

Such good work Susan! Still miss you all the way from Wellington, New Zealand. We’re in lockdown for four weeks nationwide and I’m working on UFOs too! Thinking of friends in the USA.

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