The Halloween quilts are gone

30 09 2009

September 29th was the great Halloween quilt giveaway, and I was pleased to see them go to such a good cause, happy to have piles of quilts out of my dining room, and a smidge sad to say goodbye to them.  Yet, there seems to be something fulfilling in making quilts that are given to people to use and love.  But I have gotten ahead of myself.

The History:

The Children’s Quilt Project, a service group within my larger quilt guild East Bay Heritage Quilters, collects donated fabrics and uses that fabric to make quilts to donate to various community outreach groups. See EBHQ for details.  I work with that group to organize fabric and to make quilt kits for guild members to sew.

Last year a massive donation of conversation print fabrics was made, and I started looking at the Halloween fabric, since I was making a Halloween quilt of my own at the time.  I was given the two boxes of fabric to make into kits, and the craziness that became an obsession began almost immediately.   Piles of fabrics that look like this were quite irresistible:

Halloween fabric pic

And then I found that making the kits was just not enough.  I had to see how the quilt tops would look when they were sewn.  Which of course led to wanting to see what the quilts would look like when quilted and finished.

(Am I the only one whose brain is overtaken by such craziness which seems to me like such a good idea at the time???????)

The Present:

During October, I will post photos of  some of these quilts, although the photo quality is definitely not professional.    I took shots in my studio , sometimes with just my phone, to document these works when it became obvious that the group of quilts was getting huge.  Twenty-eight quilts left my house on Tuesday, and I have only a few more here.

Recent Photo Session-Part 1

29 09 2009

Lots More DotsLots More Dots

This is one of the quilts that I took to a recent photo session (9/9/09). Photographer Sibila Savage in Emeryville does a fabulous job, and it was good to see her again.

This quilt is also a part of a larger series. More about that later.


23 09 2009




Welcome to the journal of my work.  I’m looking forward to chronicling both the old and the new.   All ideas, inspirations, mistakes, and progress will all be celebrated.

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The Light Shines Through

5 09 2009


My version of a quilt brought to an EBHQ trunk show by Gerald Roy.

The experience of making this quilt was one of the few “this quilt made itself” feelings.  It went together so quickly and easily that I began to understand “being in the zone.”

This was the featured quilt in an exhibit of my work a New Pieces  Quilt Store and Gallery, Berkeley CA.

Photography by Sibila Savage

84″ x 91″