The High School Graduation Quilt Project

3 11 2009

The History of My Project

Every year,  when my daughter Maggie was in school here in Piedmont, her girls’ group would sew quilts for EBHQ’s Children’s Quilt Project.  Their sewing started out as a service project when the group was affiliated with the Campfire organization beginning in second grade, and all the girls learned to sew quilt tops on sewing machines.  After they discontinued  their Campfire affiliation, the group stayed together, continued to sew regularly, and also volunteered time tying quilts at the monthly volunteer meetings.

As a woman who grew up in a time when we were all required to learn to sew in Home Ec class in school, I was delighted that these girls wanted to sew.  In recognition of all their work over the ten years, I decided to make a quilt for each girl as a graduation gift.  I  made this decision when they were sophomores, so I figured I had plenty of time to make six quilts.

This was the beginning of a wonderfully creative time for me, since this decision forced me out of a casual mode and into a more focused frame of mind for my work.  Very quickly the importance of  this challenge to myself  became as much about my journey as a quilter as it was about actually producing the quilts by graduation day.

The Quilts

There is a story for each quilt and all the lessons I learned along the way.  I will document all those stories, but I will start with just this photo of the finished products.

group photo

Piedmont Girls Group, June, 2007

I think that all the quilt recipients thought that they got the gifts that day.  But I got the best gift of all.  There’s a Preston Sturges movie quote that I want to insert here, but I won’t until I can get it exact.  The gist is, there are few things more fun than giving your gifts, and, once you feel that, you just want to keep doing it.  That’s what my day was like that day.

Detailed quilt stories and photos will follow.