23 09 2009




Welcome to the journal of my work.  I’m looking forward to chronicling both the old and the new.   All ideas, inspirations, mistakes, and progress will all be celebrated.

Click on the tabs above to view galleries of my work.





5 responses

12 09 2009
Dwight Rhoades

very well done website refresh…I will pass on to all

30 09 2009

Hi Susan,
I am SO EXCITED to see the continuing “chronicle”ing (is That a WORD?!) your work. You are awesome in your eye, yuor play with color and your technique…
Thank you for SHARING,
Love, Hugs and KEEP SHARING…

6 10 2009

Wow Sue!!! They are so beautiful!!! I have an “original” which I treasure and will pass onto my kids.

Hope all is well!


16 10 2009
Pat McConaughy Myers

Sue, Hi! Dru gave me your website and I’m so glad to have it… these quilts are just too beautiful. Of course the Japanese ones are my favorites… anything Asian, I always love. Great to keep up with you a little bit through Dru– wish you didn’t live so far away. Best wishes, Pat

21 11 2013
Sharon Cohen

Hi Susan, just signed on to your blog. It is wonderful and of course, the quilts are fabulous.

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