Voices in Cloth 2016 Marketplace

11 03 2016

For this year’s Voices in Cloth Show, I am taking advantage of the opportunity to sell items in the Marketplace.

So I thought I would put a preview of my items here online.

Friendly Pets, 2015—-36″ x 36″


Kitten Block



Rustic Broken Dishes, 2015—-35″ x 39.5″

artwork by Susan Dague


Turquoise Four Patches, 2015—-44.5″ x 44.5″

Turquoise Four Patches, 2015 44.5" x 44.5"

Turquoise Four Patches, Detail 2


100 Pyramids Leftovers (aka Fruit Slices), 2005—-48″ x 61.5″

The Light Shines Through II, 2005 50" x 50"

100 Pyramids Leftovers, detail Photography by Sibila Savage


Nancy Drew II, 2015—-44.5″ x 44.5″

Nancy Drew II, 2015 44.5" x 44.5"

Nancy Drew II, Detail 1

Nancy Drew II, Detail 3


Japanese Pyramids V, (Brights), 2010—-37″ x 45″


Japanese Pyramids IV, 2010 37" x 45" Photography by Sibila Savage


Indigo Study, 2015—-32.5″ x 43″

Indigo Study, 2015 32.5" x 43"

Indigo Study, Detail, 2015

Indigo Study, Detail

Indigo Study, Back

Indigo Study, Back


Judy’s Scraps, 2015—-30.5″ x 36″


Stop by the Marketplace at the Show, see these in person, and check out all the other wonderful items for sale.  See you there.



Just a few more EBHQ postcard makers

4 03 2016

As promised, here are just a few of the many, many fabric postcards made by EBHQ members other than me.

These are ones that have already been turned in for our fabulous postcard fund-raiser at the upcoming Voices in Cloth 2016 Show (Click HERE for the link to the show details).

Please come to the show and stop by the postcard station by the windows.  This is your chance to make a small donation to our guild and take a little work of art home with you, to share with a friend or keep for yourself.

I have also included a few cards whose maker’s names I didn’t catch, for a variety of reasons.  If you recognize these, let me know and I will update the photos.

Jenny Alexich


Jenny Alexich2

Marcia Alpert


Anonymous 1


Anonymous 2  Woven Ribbons



Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown Postcards

Sonia Callahan


Mary Gilkerson


Lorraine Oller


Orna Pascal



Susan Peck



Nancy Redmond



Claire Sherman


I hope you enjoy this wide variety of artistic styles.  Trust me— there are even more in the approximately 1,500 cards that will be at the Show.

See you there.

Fabric Postcards: more new ones

15 12 2015

My guild members of East Bay Heritage Quilters are again taking up the task of making fabric postcards for the show in March of next year, and some of the finished ones are already coming in.  I LOVE seeing what other fabric artists will do with this same 4″ x 6″ empty canvas.

I hope you are inspired by their work.

Here are six by Orna Pascal:



And seven from Claire Sherman:



And just a few of the ones I am playing with.  I have had barrels of fun using this pre-WonderUndered fabric donated by Marion Ongerth.  I think they were the leftovers from her projects, and I LOVE leftovers, even those from someone else.



I can barely begin to describe how much I love this cat fabric!


And sometimes the fabric speaks for itself.


HOT TIP  for making the postcard process easier:

My new favorite sewing machine foot, called an Open Embroidery Foot, which makes applying decorative stitches to the body of the cards and the zigzag stitches to the edges of the cards SOOOOOO much easier.  You can actually see exactly where you are sewing.

The foot for my machine looks like this:



Have fun making these yourself.

See the Postcard Gallery tab at the top of my Homepage and/or click Here to view the postcard tutorial.

A new quilt–#250!!

20 11 2015

Ever since I started keeping a list of my finished quilts  (including  recreating the items finished before I started the list), I have been pleasingly amazed at the count.  I thought 200 was pretty good, and here is Number 250!  And still going.

Indigo Study was made from a huge pile of yukata strips that came to me from another quilt guild member.  I did not intend to spend time with these, but then my daughter sent me a link to a YouTube video that demonstrated the Jelly Roll Race quilt top technique, so I thought I would try it.  See the Jelly Roll demo here.

Indigo Study, 2015 32.5" x 43"

Indigo Study, 2015         32.5″ x 43″

I worked until I ran out of pre-cut strips, so this is how big it got.  Turned out as this random mess of boldly designed fabrics all mashed together–just my type of quilt.

I  thought these fabrics looked better with the strips running vertically, rather than the horizontal presentation in the video.

The technique was simple, fun, and perfect for those times when you just want to sit down and sew, without too much planning.  Instant quilt.

Here is a detail of the quilting, a hanging diamonds pattern.  These quilts are so scrappy that ornate quilting might not be seen, so I stayed simple.

Also, perhaps more importantly—there is something rewarding about “finished”.

Indigo Study, Detail, 2015

Indigo Study, Detail, 2015

This quilt and a few of my others, both small and large, will be available for sale in the Marketplace at the upcoming East Bay Heritage Quilters Voices in Cloth 2016 show in March of next year.  All the proceeds from these sales will be donated to the Deanna Davis Community Quilts Project.

Click here to find out more information about this Show.