Halloween Creatures–a selvage quilt

14 10 2016

Just for the upcoming holiday, a Halloween quilt.

This is another top that was left unquilted for the longest time.  And it got finished in the flurry of getting-things-done last spring.


I have always loved these scary creatures, featured on this older Alexander Henry fabric.  The images are weird, yet kinda cute as well as nicely detailed.  Have always liked AH fabrics in general.

The quilt was made using the selvages of a wide variety of fabrics, not merely Halloween prints.  Here is a close detail of those selvages.  Click on the image to enlarge; some of these dotty edges are charming.


I made this top about 10 years ago, when my daughter bought Karen Griska’s book Quilts from the Selvage Edge and made a quilt using Karen’s techniques .  Pinterest has many examples of these quilts online.

This border fabric was a fabulous find, since it combined all the Halloween colors already used Inc the quilt—so fun.


And, just for more fun, here are a couple more of these CQP quilts from kits.