Happy Quilt II-much more fun

14 08 2015

Surprise, surprise. . . . I just can’t stop playing with these bright, bold, geometric fabrics that I first began to put together when taking the Freddy Moran Parts Department class  (see previous post about the Happy Quilt).


So I made Happy Quilt II, because I still had more of these strata leftover (hooorrraaaaaay for leftovers!!).  And the yellow background fabric in this quilt in between the rows of strips reminds me of another quilt of mine, Yellow Rows of Seven.

When I started quilting a thousand years ago, people did not favor yellow and orange, thinking they were too bold and difficult to work in with other colors.  So it feels as though I have come full circle now, loving yellow and orange equally with all the other colors.

Happy Quilt II, 2015 60" x 74" Photography by Sibila Savage

Happy Quilt II, 2015
60″ x 74″
Photography by Sibila Savage

And I had fun doing a very simple quilting pattern on this quilt.  Seems as though “simple” is my only style these days.

Happy Quilt II, detail

Happy Quilt II, detail

And stay tuned.  I am pretty sure that I am not finished with this “Happy” phase.  Guess it’s a series.

Here’s an option for another, although I’m not completely satisfied with it yet.  Must by why it’s not finished yet.

Happy work in progress

Happy work in progress

Another work-in-progress: Freddy Moran class

2 11 2012

Even though I have many, many works-in-progress which are waiting for quilting, piecing, finding just the right border fabric, figuring out what comes next in a puzzling design I have created, or some other lame excuse that I have concocted, it’s always fun to start something new!!!

I had the opportunity to do this over the past weekend, by taking a class  taught by the wonderful Freddy Moran at ThimbleCreek Quilt Shop.  I was inspired to take this class after having recently taken a course from the retired Roberta Horton.  This made me realize that these fabulous teachers may not be teaching forever, and I should learn from them before they retire.  I think I get this attitude of being open to new ideas, techniques, etc. because I am a member of East Bay Heritage Quilters, a local guild for quilters.   I recognize the value of the “heritage” part of this group;  I have learned so much from other quilters that I know I owe much of my current work to the many great teachers with whom I have studied.  I will try to acknowledge more of these folks in these postings when appropriate.

For this class, I made piles and piles of “parts”, using Freddy’s book Collaborative Quilting as our guideline.  It was difficult for me to make these parts ahead of time, since I did not know what I was going to make or how I would be putting these pieces together.  Here’s some of what I made, strata or piano keys.

I also made 16 wacky Churn Dash blocks, a billion sawtooth borders in two different sizes, and some simple appliqued circles, in addition to taking along a huge pile of  completed 4-patches that I had originally intended for another project and four boxes of bright colored and black and white fabrics.

The end result, in the Freddy style, still remains true Susan’s style as well.  It’s up on the design wall, so I’m finishing it by working on attaching all these borders, and that will be the end.  It grew into a large piece, and got pretty wild, in comparison to the quite controlled pieces I have been doing recently.  Sooooo fun just to play with fabric, and not be too fussy about the end result.  If I had fun doing it, then my mission has been accomplished.

The whole class worked incredibly hard during this 2-day class, and made seriously creative pieces.  The calm and jovial Freddy presided masterfully over all of us.

Here’s Freddy, posing in front of only one of the pile of her quilts that she brought to the class to share with us.

Take classes, people!!  It changes you, in a good way.