Vegetable leftovers and two works in progress

9 08 2013

Just a few more items I worked on during the “sewlessness” period to get myself back in my artistic groove . . .

But first, let me describe how much I LOVE LEFTOVERS ! ! !

Here’s why:

—The fabric goes together because I already used it in a quilt I like.

—The fabric is already cut, a big bonus.

—The fabric is just sitting there screaming to be used.  What am I gonna do . . . throw it away??????

—(Perhaps most importantly) I get to work on the puzzle/challenge of making something new that works in a different.  Perhaps this is why many artists work in series.

Eat Your Vegetables II (see the first in the Vegetable series here)


Eat Your Vegetables II, 2014               47″ x 55″

I was very pleased that I got to play with this group of fabrics again.  Usually, when I work with the limited group of fabrics all in the same coordinated line of one manufacturer, the quilts can seem dull or boring.   I love that these particular fabrics do not seem boring to me.  I think I like them because they are in the cartoonish style, a particular favorite of mine.

Here’s the close-up:

veg2detailEat Your Vegetables II, detail

There’s one more in this series, which is in the process of being completed.  I don’t have the right borders yet, if this is where the quilt is supposed to end.  I may have to add a few more pieced borders before this is complete, just to exercise the medallion quilt skills I’m learning to incorporate into my repertoire.

veg3Eat Your Vegetables III—work in progress

Since the sewlessness has passed, I’ll share this pic of the larger project I am happy to be working on again, the project on which I became stumped.  It is now just the perfect hand sewing project for the next thousand hours.  See the end of this post from a year ago for a view into how this all started.

wipSlowly this will take shape.  I am fortunate enough to have taken an EBHQ workshop with by Becky Goldsmith, who taught us the Piece O’ Cake method of hand applique.  I had tried applique before and had been frustrated by the imprecision I could not seem to control.  Using these new techniques has made me a happy quilter.