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Susan Dague has been creating award-winning quilt art since the early 1970s.  Her work has appeared in numerous quilt shows, books, exhibitions, and fairs.  Susan’s quilts have won a number of awards, including the blue ribbon at the California State Fair.

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4 responses

12 06 2011
Karen Bowley VanderBeke

Hi Susan,
Saw you name on Trudy Perkins Facebook page and went to your website. Wonderful quilts. Started quilting a few years ago so really appreciated your work.

Hope to see you at our next reunion. We had a great time.

4 09 2015
Ruth Cohn

Wow! Susan your work is amazing! Just as it always was, but with all the additional years of experience and growth. What a delight to run into you and Paul after all this time. I don’t even know how long it’s been, but how it flies. How old are your kids now?! You make me want to sew again, which I haven’t in a while… Please add me to your mailing list for future exhibits and sales. And take care! My Best and a big hug to you. And Tina and Binary too!

10 02 2016
Ruth Cohn

Hi Susan!
Thank you for keeping me on your list! Hope to make it to the show. Your work is so spectacular. I’d love to see it live again. Hoping you are well, and Paul too. Hugs to you. Ruth

16 03 2016
Patty Cleary

Just loving your work and galleries. Do you sell your quilts? I feel crass even asking because I can’t imagine being able to part with them if they were my creations. So if that is the case, please forgive me.

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