Fast and easy quilts for donation

14 07 2017

Working on major projects is laborious sometimes, so I’m showcasing here all the little projects I do to help me keep my sanity as I work through the larger endeavors.

Yup, more child-sized quilts for donation to EBHQ’s program that distributes quilts to a wide variety of worthy not-for-profit organizations here in the Bay Area.

Here’s what has been made in the long hiatus I have taken from this site:


Lavender Cats, 2017
36″ x 42″


A kind EBHQ member donated this fabulous red fabric, covered with different black and white lambs, all of whom are knitting.  I could not resist finishing this kit myself.

All Red Squares, 2017
36″ x 42″

I was equally inspired by this crazy cat fabric, although it took a little while to figure out how to use this one.

Purple Cats, Detail


Purple Cats, 2017
36″ x 42″

The leftovers from another project . . . .

Yellow Triangles II, Leftovers, 2017
40″ x 41.5″

And then another guild member donated a huge piece of this fabulous baby animals fabric:


The fabric piece was large enough for me to make all five of these.  Sooo fun I could not stop.





And #5

That’s it for now.




5 responses

15 07 2017
Edy Brady


15 07 2017
Sumi Nakazato

Love the bold geometrically patterned pieces against the cute animal prints! The play of the regular with irregular placements keeps the viewer engaged.

17 07 2017

Thanks so much. These all were so fun to make.

17 07 2017
CL Tree

I believe I’m the culprit who donated the green baby animal fabric. When I saw it at Stone Mountain, I bought a couple yards for myself – couldn’t stop chuckling when I looked at it … so before they put it away, I brought what yardage was left on the bolt, rolled it up, put a big ribbon on it and gave it to Deanna for Children’s quilts at a Saturday Drop-In. She loved it!

Your quilts are wonderful! I can just see the grins and smiles on the children’s faces who receive them!!! (-:

17 07 2017

OOOOOO, yaaaaay!!! I finally know who donated this super-duper fabric. Hope you can see how much fun is was to make these baby animal quilts.

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