New year, new quilt plans

24 02 2017

Time for something new, a project that helps keep me happy, so why not more of the Happy Quilt Series, the one I started when I took my first class with Freddy Moran.  Freddy’s Parts Department quilts can be seen in the two books she wrote in collaboration with Gwen Marston.

So I made some tentative blocks:


The Pineapple block took FOREVER, so I nixed it for now.  I was looking for something I could work on at a week-long retreat, and that block did not seem as though it would be much fun.  And the coloring is not quite right for me yet either.

So I chose the swirly one.


Named Swirligig by the designer Beth, this downloadable paper-piecing pattern is available HERE on her Etsy site.  This pattern comes with four different variations, each with 3 different sizes.  Really nice patterns.

I don’t quite know how these are going together yet, but it was fun making all of them.  I’ll definitely keep going on this.

Just one potential layout?


I also had all the leisure time at that retreat to sort through all of the other presewn “parts” that I have made and saved over the past few years.  I wanted to see them all together, to decide if any of these inspired me.

AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!   Had no idea I had this much!  Piles upon piles of all sorts of blocks, borders, and small inserts.


There are at least two quilts hiding in this picture.  Can’t wait to find them.

When I wanted to take a break at the retreat from the paper-piecing, I worked on a few more donation quilts for EBHQ’s Children’s Quilt Project.  Simple sewing, just for fun.

Puppies with Black and White

Puppies with Black and White


African Animals

African Animals


Scrappy Rail Fence

Scrappy Rail Fence

And, my fave, using the Richard Scarry fabric.  Reminds me of the Busiest People Ever book I shared with my kids.

Scarry Firemen

Scarry Firemen


Scarry Firemen, Detail

Scarry Firemen, Detail

I love these fun fabrics.




2 responses

24 02 2017

Love the “swirligigs” — and I’ve always been a sucker for a pineapple block!!
Can see you and children’s quilts have been busy. . .

25 02 2017

LOVE what you have come up with. So joyful 😀

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