Yellow Triangles–another pyramid quilt

26 08 2016

I feel as though I have made tons of these “pyramid” quilts.  They are sooooooo fun to play with. See this link for a few views of others I have made.

The challenge here was to use yellow, a color that plays very well with other colors, but one that I had never thought to use on its own.  Combining all the different yellows with prints in blacks and whites made this task very simple.  The finished look is very scrappy, one of my favorite genres.

artwork by Susan Dague

Yellow Triangles, 2016

60.5″ x 70.5″

I cut the pyramid patches using an 8″, 60 degree Triangle Non-Slip Ruler from Creative Grids.  The flat notch across the top of the template is the marker for the grain of the fabric.   This helps in keeping the side of the triangles that are cut on the bias under control.


Yellow Triangles, Detail

The quilting pattern is also an old favorite of mine.  I have made a sturdy cardboard template for marking these curves.  I find that marking them takes time, but the actual quilting goes much faster and easier when they are marked.

The 60-degree triangles quilted into the border are meant to echo the triangles in the body of the quilt.  And my real favorite part of this whole quilt in the fussy-cut row of white dots in the inner border.

This quilt is a college graduation gift for family friend Sophia.  Hope she enjoys it.




2 responses

27 08 2016
Ann Sayre

I love pyramid quilts and I really love the yellow and black & white! Thanks for sharing.

29 08 2016
CL Tree

Another WINNER. I’m sure it will be LOVED!

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