Woven Hexagons

12 08 2016

Woven Hexagons is finished.  This quilt is the final product of the sewing project I had to start in Ashland OR, when I inadvertently left my sewing basket at home when I left on vacation almost two years ago.

Click here to see the full story, including details about the English paper piecing techniques used.

Woven Hexagons, 2016

                                         Woven Hexagons, 2016       

It was difficult finding a background for all these great blocks, and I was surprised that this really bold-printed pattern on black was the one that finally did the trick.

Frankly, working with this entire color palette put me way out of my comfort zone, so I am pleased that it is finished and that I like it so much.

Woven Hexagons, Detail

Woven Hexagons, Detail

The quilting is very simple;  it is hard to see as it is, so just enough quilting to hold it all together, including the fun circles in the middle of each block.

it’s a challenge to make a quilt using only fabric from one designer or fabric line without the final project being uninteresting, so using only Marcia Derse fabrics for this one posed some problems.  In the end, I hope it hasn’t turned out too boring.




10 responses

12 08 2016
Deborah Wendel

Love this quilt!

13 08 2016

Susan, nothing you do could ever be boring 😉 It looks wild and wonderful!!

13 08 2016

Awww, thanks!

13 08 2016
Lynn Crook

Such a terrific quilt. LOVE Marcia Derse fabrics and you used them wonderfully!
Especially the black with gold as a unifying element and mood setter.

13 08 2016

When I look at this quilt I see so much movement and really fun pattern play. Nothing boring here!

15 08 2016
CL Tree

It’s so fun to look at! Great job!

20 08 2016

Have tried to find the instructions for this hexagon block–don’t need the precut but something that will tell me how to put it together and how to figure measurements. Have loved this quilt since you first posted starting it. Thank you so much. Katie

20 08 2016

Hi, K– Happy you like this pattern, Hexes are almost addictive.
I do not have a referral to this pattern with non-foundation-pieced instructions.
However, Barbara Brackman is doing a hexagon challenge right now on her blog, and I think I saw what you are asking for there. Go through her previous posts.
See the following:

Hope this helps.

23 08 2016

Susan, thank you so much! I did find what I was looking for on this website–not so hard when you know what shapes to use!! I was REALLY wanting to piece this quilt at my retreat next month and now don’t have to stress about figuring it out! Love seeing what you post. Thanks again. Katie

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22 09 2016

I did take your advice about looking for instruction on the other website. I was able to do this without paper piecing and it was so much fun. Not complete yet but all the hexagons are done. Thank you so much for your help as I have loved this idea since you first posted about it. Will send you a photo as soon as it is in one piece. So much fun to do

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