Purple Geese

29 07 2016

I just finished five quilts in time to get them photographed, quite a flurry of activity.

It was fun finally to finish this Flying Geese quilt, and I say “finally” even though I have no idea when I even started it.

When a class project more than 15 years ago did not turn out as I would have liked, I used all the fabrics I had gathered for the class and all the left over cut pieces and started sewing these geese on freezer paper, three geese to a block.  I worked on these randomly, and then there was a huge pile of them, which became this quilt top.

After that,  the top sat unquilted for the longest time.  The 2016 New Year’s resolutions to finish my projects really worked in this case, and here is the quilt that grew from that abandoned project.

artwork by Susan Dague

Purple Geese, 2016

59″ x 63″   

The quilting is very simple.  I wanted the plaids to do all the heavy lifting.  I think they do a great job.



Purple Geese Detail

And I gratefully acknowledge Gerry Roy and Roberta Horton for helping to nurture a love of plaids early on in my quilting life.  These fun fabrics are a a joy to work with, and I try to include them in everything I do.

If I had known I would love this one as much as I do, I’d like to think I might have finished it sooner.  Oh, well . . .


there’s one more, finished in 2009.  It’s probably the remains of the class project that did not please me and did not warrant finishing as a full-sized quilt.  Done. (Must have had strong New Year’s resolutions in 2009, too).

111_AllPlaids_medAll Plaids, 2009

42″ x 44″






4 responses

29 07 2016
Pepper Sbarbaro

Yea for more abandoned projects. I don’t know anyone who can put together a quilt from rejected projects like you. The always turn out spectacular. Great work!!! Pepper

30 07 2016

Your two quilts are wonderful! I Roberta Horton of the book and I remember the quilt with diagonal plaids that animate this quilt well, I thought to do it myself at the time !!!! Good idea to have ended because they are timeless.
Receive all my friendship;

1 08 2016
CL Tree

Yep the plaids do do the heavy lifting quite nicely indeed! So I see your border quilting very clearly (and it’s very smart) but I can’t quite make out the connection of the circles on the “geese”. Did you f.m. up to the middle of a triangle, then straight line up through the point to do the same in the next geese? I pay attention to your quilting because you always have some “easy and smart” method to the madness of securing a quilt. Big Hug! Over and Out, Tree (sleeping well in Forestville).

1 08 2016

Yes, you figured out the quilting. Simple, simple. Only one pass tjrough each column of geese. Had already done a lot of stabilizing stitching in the ditches.
I also think that this quilt sat unfinished partly because I had not yet gotten comfortable with free motion quilting yet. Only knew how to stipple.

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