Awake At Midnight

1 04 2016

May I say I loved working on this quilt and that I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

I named it “Awake At Midnight” for two reasons:

—when I am awake at midnight and in my studio, I just want to sew, not design, cut, hand-sew, do quilt math, etc.  I talked about this in a previous blog post here, the same post in which I showcased the half-square triangles I was mass-producing.  Those triangles turned into this quilt.

—when I am awake at midnight, my brain sometimes feels as frenzied as these patterns look to me.


Awake At Midnight, 2016 66" x 74"

Awake At Midnight, 2016
66″ x 74″


Two important things happened during the making of this quilt:

—First, I found this navy fabric printed with winding vines of flowers and leaves.  Until I found it, I had no idea how I was going to balance all the wild energy of the patchwork.  The “weight” of this print helped to balance everything.

Awake At Midnight, Detail A

Awake At Midnight, Detail A

—Secondly, I realized that adding rust (the complement of the navy) inner and outer borders of sawteeth gave the quilt some pop.

Awake At Midnight, Detail B

Awake At Midnight, Detail B

The center of this quilt was originally going to be just like the outer border, Broken Dishes.  While on the design wall, this did not look so interesting, so I inserted the 16-patches between the dishes.  This makes ones eyes fly all over the place trying to figure out the pattern, which is quite simple but appears complicated.

I love it when putting two simple blocks together makes something exciting.

I also love it when a quilt looks wonderful and intriguing from a distance AND gives the viewer a little bonus when he or she comes in for a closer look.

Rebecca Rohrkaste did the wonderful fan quilting.  I knew it had to be quilted this way, and she made it happen much sooner than I would have been able to.






5 responses

1 04 2016
Cynthia Phillips

Susan, Thanks for sharing “Awake at Midnight.” It is marvelous!

1 04 2016

I love it.

Valerie 🌺🌸🍀🌺🌸🍀🌸🌺


1 04 2016

Wonderful quilt Susan !

1 04 2016

makes a great impact…love it

2 04 2016
Pepper Sbarbaro

“Awake at Midnight” is a great title for this quilt, it really captures the feeling! Loved the quilt and admired again your gift of always finding the right fabric for borders. Hope to see it in person soon. Pepper

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