Voices in Cloth 2016 Marketplace

11 03 2016

For this year’s Voices in Cloth Show, I am taking advantage of the opportunity to sell items in the Marketplace.

So I thought I would put a preview of my items here online.

Friendly Pets, 2015—-36″ x 36″


Kitten Block



Rustic Broken Dishes, 2015—-35″ x 39.5″

artwork by Susan Dague


Turquoise Four Patches, 2015—-44.5″ x 44.5″

Turquoise Four Patches, 2015 44.5" x 44.5"

Turquoise Four Patches, Detail 2


100 Pyramids Leftovers (aka Fruit Slices), 2005—-48″ x 61.5″

The Light Shines Through II, 2005 50" x 50"

100 Pyramids Leftovers, detail Photography by Sibila Savage


Nancy Drew II, 2015—-44.5″ x 44.5″

Nancy Drew II, 2015 44.5" x 44.5"

Nancy Drew II, Detail 1

Nancy Drew II, Detail 3


Japanese Pyramids V, (Brights), 2010—-37″ x 45″


Japanese Pyramids IV, 2010 37" x 45" Photography by Sibila Savage


Indigo Study, 2015—-32.5″ x 43″

Indigo Study, 2015 32.5" x 43"

Indigo Study, Detail, 2015

Indigo Study, Detail

Indigo Study, Back

Indigo Study, Back


Judy’s Scraps, 2015—-30.5″ x 36″


Stop by the Marketplace at the Show, see these in person, and check out all the other wonderful items for sale.  See you there.





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