New Kitty Stockings–‘Tis the season

18 12 2015

Well, it’s happened again.  Hang on for the story of Cat Stockings Numbers Ten and Eleven.

In 2015 I welcomed two new members to my extended family and here they are:  the charming brothers, Joliet Jake and Elwood, who are fortunate enough to live with my brother Dave and his wife Wendy.  They have been best buddies with each other since day one.


So, of course, they needed stockings for the Christmas holiday.  Luckily for them, I love to make these.


Love Jake’s font, just perfect for him.

Jake Detail2

And a special stocking for Elwood, or Woody, as he is known in his territory:


Woody’s detail:




Happy Christmas to all the humans and the wonderful animals they invite into their families!!





5 responses

18 12 2015

those are fantastic!

18 12 2015

Thanks–I really do love making them.

18 12 2015
Pepper Sbarbaro

Your artistry and hand-stiching is spectacular. Happy Holidays to Jake and Woody. Pepper

18 12 2015
Judy Jensen

You’ve outdone yourself — did you make the red&white striped piping?? It is really effective, jj

18 12 2015

Thanks. Yup, I made the trim, a flat welt. Easier to apply than stuffed piping.

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