Fabric postcards: still going strong

27 02 2015

I have not posted anything recently about fabric postcards, even though I have made more than 250 of them since the Voices in Cloth 2014 Show last spring.  I found I could not stop making them.  It was way too much fun.

Here are a few of the couple dozen I made for Halloween.


I made approximately  35 for the Christmas season, and they were gobbled up by some guild members.  Soooooo, I made a few zillions more, but I made them in January, when I had plenty of time.  Here are a few of them.


More Santas . . . .


Vintage Christmas card images . . . .


A few more Santas . . . .


and more . . . .


And then I switched to  BACON, thanks to the leftover scraps from making a shirt for my brother.  Fab fabric!


And just a few more;  I think I want to make a lot of the “Thank You” cards.  What an easy way to send gratitude through the mail.




3 responses

27 02 2015
Pepper Sbarbaro

Your creativity and productivity continue to amaze me. These cards are great!
Keep’em coming. Pepper

28 02 2015
Deanna Davis

Susan this bringing a tear to my eye , all those hours sewing. Thank you so much for all you have done for EBHQ. I’m feeing a bit better today. Yippee! L, Deanna

2 03 2015
CL Tree

OKAY IT’S OFFICIAL — I CROWN YOU — QUEEN FABRIC POSTCARD MAKER !!! Amazing!!! My fav is the Bacon postcard! (-; Tree

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