Adaptation—a vacation saga

3 10 2014

I had the privilege of vacationing in Ashland, Oregon for a week of relaxation and five great plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  The only difficulty was that I mistakenly left this lovingly-packed basket of travel handwork projects on my dining room table.  Nooooooooooooo!!!  The error was noticed immediately, when I wanted to relax at the cottage we had rented.

I wonder if anyone else would feel lost without something to keep the creative fingers entertained.

One lonely basket

One lonely basket

Soooooo,  bright and  early the next morning, I headed off to Sew Creative, an exciting quilt store on Main in Ashland.  I found this cute kit for paper piecing, which included a handful of pre-cut papers, as well as heavy plastic templates for cutting the fabrics.  I also bought a bundle  of Marcia Derse fat quarters, needles, some thread, and a few pins——-PROBLEM SOLVED!!


Progress by Day Three, peacefully working on the screened porch—very relaxing.

paper piecing process

paper piecing process

Now that I am back home I realize that I have created a monster.

Firstly, how did this project jump to the top of the To Do List?  Others have been waiting patiently, some for years.

Secondly, having chosen these very dramatic fabrics, how do I get them to play with each other without fighting?  I think these blocks look too crowded, although I really do like some of the triangle shapes that are created where the three hexagons meet.  Squint to see these.

Crowded blocks

Crowded blocks


I think these blocks will need to be separated.

Separated blocks

Separated blocks

Thus, thirdly, what can I possibly use to separate them that also does not fight with them?  My current solution is to keep making more blocks and hoping that things will all work themselves out eventually.  That’s about all the planning I can hope for right now.






3 responses

3 10 2014
Cynthia Phillips

I consider myself to be a beginner quilter. I’m wondering if you could add white or black triangles to separate the blocks.
Cynthia Phillips – EBHQ Member

4 10 2014
Deb Farr

I agree with Cynthia , white or black triangles would look cool. Love ya!

12 08 2016
Woven Hexagons | Susan Dague Quilts

[…] Click here to see the full story, including details about the English paper piecing techniques used. […]

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