Cross-stitch II: more fabulous flowers

1 08 2014

Continuing the cross-stitch story from the previous post . . .

Before I discovered all the roses,  I had discovered other Lilac Studio designs for wonderful flowers and groups of flowers.  These were all delicately shaded, artfully composed,  challenging to complete, and very attractive to me.

A Bouquet with Hydrangea

One of my all-time favorite flowers, this hydrangea is one of the ones still on display in our home .


Hydrangea detail



My next favorite—these freesias have a mix of both bold and muted color palettes.


Freesia detail


Sweet Peas

Loved the blues in this design.



And, on display during December



Some of these patterns are available online on occasion, most likely on Etsy or eBay.  I recommend this as a meditation exercise or a compact travel project.

I just did a search and found two more patterns that I had not seen before;  am desperately trying to resist the urge to start another of these fun projects.  Don’t know if my eyes can handle it anymore.  Alas. . .

Photography by Paul Hennessey





2 responses

2 08 2014
Sharon Cohen

Beautiful as usual. Also, good therapy. Thank you for sharing.

3 08 2014
Lily Pang

I love them all!!!


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