Scrap quilts: more leftover fun

27 06 2014

Sometimes,  when I am working on a challenging or laborious project, I feel as though I just want to sew something simple, a project that does not require a lot of brain power.

This is one of those quilts.

My daughter Maggie made a quilt for her college friend Kristin (see that quilt at the bottom of this post), and she gifted me all the leftover pieced scraps, as well as some of the remaining yardage.  Just sewing one piece to another, squaring them up, and sewing on something else was very relaxing and gave me this quilt.

Kristin's Leftovers, 2013 39" x 47.5"

Kristin’s Leftovers, 2013
39″ x 47.5″


I quilted wavy lines up and down the pieced columns, put diamonds in the spacing columns, and double diamonds in the borders–very simple.

Kristin's Leftovers, Detail

Kristin’s Leftovers, Detail

Just another example of the wonderful philosophy of never throwing away anything, especially if the scraps are  already matched and sorted and were previously used for a proven winner!


And just one more for the scrap quilts and leftovers categories:

After making a pile of quilt kits for the Children’s Quilt Project from a small bundle of donated miscellaneous batik fabrics, there was fabric left over, so I cut it all into 2.5″ squares, made this small top, and added a kicky border from my stash.  Whoever receives this quilt when it is finished will never know that because of what I was doing when it was made, I have named it

World Cup 2014, Group Stage







One response

29 06 2014

Ironic that I just finished a quilt very much like your world cup 2014. A gift for an exchange student from Norway, I used brown, gold and oranges for the center, expanding to greens, blues then finishing with purples. I called it “From Sea to Shining Sea”. She loved it, unfortunately I do not have a photo to share.

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