Wheel Medallion

13 06 2014

My most recently completed project, this Wheel Medallion represents a true labor of love, which included my continuing to learn all the do’s and don’t’s of the medallion process.

Wheel Medallion, 2014 77" x 77" Photography by Sibila Savage

Wheel Medallion, 2014
77″ x 77″
Photography by Sibila Savage

There were two inspirations for this quilt.  The first was finding this brown fabric on the discount table at a local fabric store;  I bought all they had.  When I started working with the medallion concepts, I thought this fabric would be a good one to use, mainly because of all the different colors included in the fabric.

I loved the deep blues in the print, so my original assumption was that this would be a predominately blue quilt.  FAIL   As with all of the medallions I have made so far, assumptions made at the outset of the project fall by the wayside almost immediately.  This quilt definitely wanted to be brown and rust.

These wheels were foundation-pieced, and I made so many that you will see quite a few more of them in a different configuration in posts to come.  Anyone who knows my work understands that I discard almost nothing leftover from a project, using as much as I can for some other use in the future.

Wheel Medallion, Detail D

Wheel Medallion, Detail D

This quilt was also one of my first attempts at a large applique project.  Turns out I love the look, even though the hand work is a bit time-consuming.

Wheel Medallion, Detail C

Wheel Medallion, Detail C

Quilting this piece was also quite a challenge for me.  Each different area of the medallion seemed to call for its own special quilting, so I tried to oblige.

Wheel Medallion-Detail A

Wheel Medallion-Detail A

Below is a photo of the second inspiration for my Wheel Medallion, a vintage quilt seen in a showing at the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek, CA.  I continue to be inspired by the quilts from past eras and am most grateful for the art and the skills of the quilters who have come before me.

Vintage quilt inspiration

Vintage quilt inspiration





4 responses

13 06 2014

So fun to see and read about your latest project! I also loved seeing the pic of the vintage inspiration.

13 06 2014
deanna Davis

What a beauty! Just the right amount of white sparkle. L, D

13 06 2014
Sharon Cohen

Wow!!! It is really beautiful and you can really see all of your work.

14 11 2014
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