Three more

30 08 2013

As I make my plans for another visit to Sibila’s studio, I will show here a few quilts that were given away before I had the chance to have them photographed professionally.  I’m so glad they are on their way to being wrapped around a special, appreciative someone.

A Walk in the Garden, 2010-–I had fun making these crazy blocks from a collection of Jane Sassaman fabrics, and as soon as I did, I found it almost impossible to find a way to get them all into the same quilt comfortably.  The crosshatched print was a great find for the sashing, and then this quilt waited a while until I tripped across the wild green and black print for the large borders.

A Walk in the Garden, 2010 51" x 62.5"

A Walk in the Garden, 2010
51″ x 62.5″


Garden of Blue and Green, 2010–I only got a picture of the finished top of this quilt, but I still thought it worth catching.  This quilt was made entirely from the leftovers from the previous The Light Shines Through series (seen here), and using the brown prints really seemed to help the colors work well together.

Garden of Blue and Green, 2010 52.5" x 64"

Garden of Blue and Green,
52.5″ x 64″


Lavender Garden I, 2004–Like its cousin Lavender Garden II (seen here), this quilt was made using the piles and piles of 2.5″ squares cut from the leftovers of various projects.  This quilt came about just as soon as I found this wonderful grayed-out printed plaid border fabric.  This border made it possible to include a wide variety of colors into the piece.

Lavender Garden I, 2004 58" x 65"

Lavender Garden I, 2004
58″ x 65″



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