Quilters who feel stuck, More Postcards

19 07 2013

Pretty simple quilt, huh?  But this particular quilt is very important.


Here’s the story:

Writers have “writer’s block”, but “quilter’s block” doesn’t sound right for the stuckness a quilter experiences around not feeling motivated to work on the current projects.

“Quilter’s quandary” suggests being stuck when confronted with a difficult situation, and that’s not quite what was happening to me during the last few weeks.  I think I’ll call my malady “Restive Sewlessness”.  Thankfully, it did not turn out to be chronic.

I was at the beginning of  a new major project, and when I started putting pieces on the design wall, the choices that I thought would be perfect turned out to be ever so NOT perfect.  So I got stuck and did not want to work on this project or any other for a while.

Not having had the Sewlessness in quite some time, I had to develop new strategies to get out of this unproductive funk??  I tried the following:

—Making a list of all of the current projects, to see if there was anything that I could find the creative energy to tackle.  The list included 23 unfinished projects, all started and worthy of completion.  This list did not help the current situation.

—Organizing and cleaning my studio, and sorting my fabric and supplies.  If I wasn’t working on a project, I could at least play with fabrics, etc.  Always a good idea.

—Just sewing something, anything.  I made three kits from squares leftover from making previous kits for EBHQ’s Children’s Quilt Project and just started sewing them together.

This third choice did the trick.  In about a week, I sewed three small quilt tops (like the one above)  quilted and bound them all, and also quilted someone else’s quilt top.  It really seemed to help that I was working on quilts that were not too “precious”, but merely ones that we hope some kids will love.

Now I’m back on track, moving forward, slowly but deliberately.  It feels great to have the energy back.


Just so there are some fun pix on this site this week, here are a few of the latest postcards made by EBHQ members.  I’ll put them in the EBHQ Postcards Gallery, too.


I hope this postcard project is fun for all who try it.  I’m loving the results, and I know the Guild is appreciating the efforts.



4 responses

19 07 2013

Hi Susan — glad you’re back on track — felt a bit stuck myself, but a friend saw a quilt I have been working/stuck on — she loved it — enough to get me moving to finish it.
And I see a postcard session in my future — yours continue to look great,

19 07 2013

None of these postcards were made by me. Members are really stepping up and coming up with ideas I didn’t think of. It’s great!

19 07 2013

I like that you started by “making a list”….my favorite thing to do 🙂 cg

19 07 2013

Sometimes the list helps me see the individual trees in the forest, so I can reprioritize. Always helpful.

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