More vintage embroideries

21 06 2013

Well . . . the patterns for the embroideries are vintage, but these stitcheries are current.

In the post that told the story of my Redwork Revisited quilt (seen here), I wrote about all of the embroideries I had done over the years.  I thought I should post a just a few of the others here, so I could show how I was using the piles and piles of vintage embroidery transfers I have gobbled up from eBay and etsy over the past few years, and how I practiced the stitchery that got showcased in Redwork Revisited.

I still love the red on white kitchen towels, since they match my kitchen.

There’s the simple,


and the tremendously cute,


and the sweet.


Jumping out of the redwork realm,  here are a few pillowcases.




pillowcase 1_2

Then we move on to the various vegetable series, all of which are tons of fun and my current obsession.




These are just a few of the ones that I still have on hand.  All were sewn using the vintage transfers.

Here’s one more, which was a pre-printed vintage linen towel that I stitched.    This little lady and her cat are the best.


Enough for now.




4 responses

21 06 2013
Deborah farr

LOVE these! Some of my favorites.

22 06 2013

Too too cute! Thanks for posting them Susan, you can be my embroidery mentor from across the Pacific Ocean!

23 06 2013

Wonderful — do you ever wonder if you might also have lived in another era??

23 06 2013

Thanks for sharing your many gifts. I love your embroidery! Pepper

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