My learning process

14 06 2013

I am immensely proud of almost all of the quilts included in these posts and galleries, and then along comes my most recent, about which I have mixed feelings.  Not everything is successful.

Firstly, this quilt is finished, and that is always a good thing.  But only now do I notice so many changes I could have made.  Sometimes the learning experiences arrive at the very tail end of a project, too late to make adjustments.  Such is the case here.

However, since I do not support anyone drawing attention to all the things they might consider mistakes in their works, I leave it to your judgment.

This piece was made in Roberta Horton’s African-American Quilts workshop at PIQF.   It was very fun to make since it uses a template-free construction method;  just cut and sew.

IMG_0986_2Gee’s Bend Churn Dash, 2013            34″ x 37.5″

And I did find one part of this quilt that is my very favorite, and it is what I learned in the process of quilting.

Since there were so many different patterned fabrics in this top, deciding on a quilting pattern that would enhance the quilt or even be visible was a challenge.

The solution was hand quilting with Perle cotton.  LOVE IT.  Using a Chenille needle made the process very easy, since the eye of that needle is large enough to accommodate the No.8 thread, and yet the needle is sharp enough to go through all three layers of the quilt.

IMG_0935Gee’s Bend Churn Dash, detail

This quilting reminded me of when I started quilting back in the early 70’s, all by hand, including piecing by hand.   I think a project I’m currently working on may call for hand quilting too, so returning to my roots may be a comfortable place.

The larger lesson for me is learning to become more comfortable trying something that I don’t usually do and failing.  Historically, some of my best work has followed mistakes.



2 responses

15 06 2013

Just love your stepping out there, making “mistakes”, if there really is such a thing.

10 10 2013

So glad you discovered the perle cotton hand quilting. It is all I do on my quilts and have not been motivated enough to learn machine quilting. I love the quilt by the way. Glad to know about the chenelle needle–will make my life easier!

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