More fabric postcards

7 06 2013

I have been working on finishing a huge project, so this week I did not have time to do too much else.

EXCEPT for the fun postcards.  As previously described here, the members of our East Bay Heritage Quilters guild are making these postcards for our Voices in Cloth 2014 quilt show.  Also click HERE to read more about this talented and supportive group of folks.

Is there anything cuter than these Warner Bros. characters on postcards??  Totally love them.  These figures were cut from fabric that I’ve had for probably 20 years, and they still make me smile.  I’m using them as examples of how these cards can be made, and I will be adding these to my personal collection.  I’m pleased that I have such fun (for me) fabrics to play with as I learn how to make these cards.


After working with these characters, I turned to some scraps from a Halloween quilt.  Even though I did not have the complete image of the witch’s head, the scrap still worked for the postcard.


And a few more from the Hand-embroidered Collection I can’t seem to stop making:



Postcards by Others

The fun part of working on this project is seeing all the postcards that are already coming to me from other EBHQ members.  I look forward to our having a huge variety in postcards since the skill and artfulness of our members varies so much.

Five from Jennie Alexich:


From Deanna Davis and Mabry Benson, both individually and in collaboration:


Calling all EBHQ members (or anyone else, for that matter):  please contact me for info about the Postcard Project, making postcards, setting up an indivudual demonstration for you or your group, or getting some of the necessary supplies to you.  I currently have a large supply of the Fast2Fuse and the printed postcard backs for your use.

Please join in the fun.



2 responses

9 06 2013
Cynthia Phillips

Thanks, Susan, for sharing the fabric postcards that come to you. I have yet to try creating any at my machine. I attended the workshop back in March, but haven’t cleaned up my Arts and Crafts room yet…cleared the sewing table top! I do wonder if you use a heavier needle (size wise)? Cynthia Phillips

9 06 2013

No special needles needed.

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