Fabric postcards and a quilt

17 05 2013

I finally found a large enough block of time to work on a group of fabric postcards for the EBHQ Voices in Cloth 2014 quilt show.   Here’s my favorite one from the recent group.

This vintage martini fabric is perfect for a postcard that was inspired by some relatives of mine   !!!

martinisThese cards are lots of fun to make.  Since the design area is compact, the work needs to be simple—a whole new challenge.  As I work through this process and find other ones that I feel are successful, I will post them here.

And now, here’s another vintage quilt story. . . .

The Sunflower Quilt


Let me say right away that I do not know for sure why I love this quilt.  I puzzle over it every time I hang it up for display.  But I did fall in love with this sunflower quilt top when I purchased it the first time I went to the quilt show in Houston (Hi, Edy!!).

Because this quilt seems unusually busy for its time, I wonder why it never got quilted.  Perhaps the maker had one of those what-was-I-thinking moments when she saw the overall effect of the background fabric she had chosen.  The sunflowers fade in and out of that fabric, sometimes making parts of them disappear.  I think this quilt’s background fabrics is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Here are details of two of the blocks, showing how wonderfully complex they are.  Note how different the same light orange fabric looks in each of these blocks.



Having decided to have this top hand-quilted, I was so happy to have it returned from the quilter, until I opened the box.  The quilting was irregular, and not the usual high quality that I was accustomed to seeing.

When I asked about my options, knowing that I wanted it quilted properly, I was told that they offered to  re-quilt it if I sent it back, meaning, of course, that I would have to take out the first stitching if I wanted it replaced.  My quilt mini-group at the time volunteered to help, and we held a unique, day-long event–an Unquilting Bee.  (Lily, did you help with this?)  Now quilted beautifully, the Sunflower Quilt is a fine addition to my collection.

One more item, to follow up on the Postage Stamp quilt post of two weeks ago:

I did not crop myself out of the picture of the newly finished quilt and my daughter Maggie;  I just wasn’t in that shot, so I dug around and found another view, posted here just for the fun of it.  Twenty years—-wow.





2 responses

18 05 2013

loved the “sunflower quilt” and the full sd photo — not really a star wars fan, but glad to know what makes $$,

16 11 2013
Susan Bryant

Re:SUNFLOWER QUILT I have pieces from a grandmother who passed 65 years ago. After searching online i have determined it is sunflower pattern. Do you know where the pattern came from and/or what time era she might have made this quilt. I have tried to date fabrics but have been unsuccessful so far.

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