The Happy Quilt

26 04 2013

Now known as The Happy Quilt because it made me happy every time I worked on or looked at it, is finally quilted and photographed. This is the quilt I started while taking a class at ThimbleCreek Quilt Shop taught by the wonderful Freddy Moran last November, the quilt top being finished shortly after the class ended.

02-Dague_4-2013medThe Happy Quilt, 2013       69.25″ x 69.25″           Photography by Sibila Savage

What took the longest was the quilting.  Since all three of the judges at International Quilt Festival Houston had commented that my Redwork Revisited quilt should  (I would have said “could”)  have had more quilting , I decided that I would spend extra time in the quilting phase of this project.  It was a ton of extra work, and I think I like how it turned out.

Here are a couple of details of the quilting motifs, lots of happy fun.

Detail 1


Two new quilt projects using these clear bright colors along with the bold blacks and whites are in progress now, and I’m already finding that they are making me equally happy.  Guess this is a new series.

I’m always trying to decide between this wild wacky part of my brain and the other, perhaps older, part that still loves the vintage.  Seems as though these two styles might have difficulty living in the same creative space, but it works for me.




2 responses

27 04 2013

This truly is a happy quilt. I love it.

14 08 2015
Happy Quilt II-much more fun | Susan Dague Quilts

[…] Surprise, surprise. . . . I just can’t stop playing with these bright, bold, geometric fabrics that I first began to put together when taking the Freddy Moran Parts Department class  (see previous post about the Happy Quilt). […]

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