Fun with Fabric

22 03 2013

Many authors have written about the wonderful fabrics now available to quilters and how these fabrics can, by  themselves, be the inspiration for our quilts.

Here are just a few of my quilts which seem to fall into this category.

Two tissue box quilts

Originally developed to utilize fabric samples donated to the Children’s Quilt Project by fabric company sales reps, this pattern is made entirely of 2.5″ strips.  Finished blocks are 10.5″ x 6″.


This next quilt was made from a bundle of half-yard, vegetable-related fabrics that were too fun and too busy to use in any way other than something simple.  The charming fabric prints and the dark/light contrasts do all the heavy lifting in this quilt.  This bundle of fabric sat around for at least 5 years before the idea for using it in this pattern appeared.

05_SDague_2010_smlEat Your Vegetables, 2010        53.5″ x 63″         Photography by Sibila Savage

And, lastly, this quilt that was made only because both my daughter and I fell in love with this quirky chair fabric.  Quilts don’t get much simpler than this, but I still love it, perhaps because of the fabric alone.


Chairs with Stripes, 2010          47″ x 50″                     Photography by Sibila Savage

This quilt is also a fun way to use up fabric scraps leftover from previous projects, and, if using the black and white borders, almost any color combination would be effective.

I have learned not to question why I fall in love with particular fabrics—I just do.  (Has anyone other than me spent far too long  just LOOKING at the fabric stash????)  And finding a way to showcase these beauties seems to honor this passion.




2 responses

22 03 2013
Judy Jensen

Susan, the 2 checkered borders on 2nd quilt are very effective.
Lots of good ideas for scraps.

9 08 2013
Vegetable leftovers and two works in progress | Susan Dague Quilts

[…] Eat Your Vegetables II (see the first in the Vegetable series here) […]

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