Talented quilting teachers

25 01 2013

I am grateful to the many talented quilting teachers with whom I have had the pleasure of studying over these past almost 40 years.  I have written about a few of them in previous posts.    I hope to continue acknowledging them more in this space over the weeks to come.  Sandi Cummings is one of these great teachers, who came into my quilting world at just the right time, and, as a result, I was able to make a big leap forward, creating this beauty:


001bDagueSmlTriad, 1999           77″ x 77″          Photography by Sibila Savage

I had taken a series of color classes with Gerald Roy, another very important teacher for me, and I was fascinated with the interactions of the colors in a triad, three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel.

For Sandi’s Log Cabin with a Twist class, I tried to use this color palette in a very non-traditional way, and I love the result.  Also, this quilt marks the beginning of my desire to get as much print, color, and pattern into each and every quilt.  If the fabrics fit into my very broad definitions of the “turquoise”, “magenta”, and “yellow-orange”, I wanted  to get them into this quilt.

The quilting provided me with another important learning opportunity, long after the class was finished.  Since I had made such a non-traditional quilt, the quilting would need to match the quilt.  I added this free-motion quilting, using 30-wt. rayon Sulky in two different colors.  This took forever, but was tons of fun.

001bdetailDagueSmlTriad, detail

I tend to downplay some of the quilts I have made merely because they were made using someone else’s pattern and/or directions.  So here I just want to celebrate that this is a great quilt.  I sat in a class and listened to another quilter share her journey with a quilt.  By mimicking her work with my fabrics, personal history, and insight, I learned so much.

It’s not the product but the process.


Found another photo of the Rows of Seven pattern.  Interesting.  And I still like mine better.




2 responses

26 01 2013

I love learning more about your process of becoming such an extraordinary quilts. Thanks for sharing that part of you

28 01 2013
CL Tree

Every quilt you make is your personal journey to appreciate, brag about or revel in because you tried new things, learned new skills, played in new palette … whether stimulated by your own creativity or someone elses. Each finished quilt is a work of art of your own. So please toot your horn proudly! You’re a wonderful quilter! It’s evident that all of your quilts are passionately made.

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