Just one more graduation quilt

14 12 2012

As the end of the year nears, I have the opportunity to finish the thread of all the graduation quilts for my daughter’s girl’s group, one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.  There remains only one to document, the one for Mara, whose quilt was made last.

Skulls and Stuff

_D3P2001_2 2

Skulls and Stuff, 2007         66″ x 72″           Photography by Sibila Savage

Perhaps I have previously described something that happens to me when I’m working, a situation in which I say, “This quilt made itself”.  My husband calls this “being in the zone.”  Mara’s quilt is one of the zone quilts.

I started gathering the fabrics and cutting the irregular slices on a Friday night, and the quilt top was finished by Sunday night.  It was soooo much fun I just couldn’t stop.

The irregular strips were sewn together, almost randomly, into larger units, and then the regular-sized blocks were cut from those constructions.  Sprinkling all the bright-colored slices into the wonderful black and white prints was like putting together a puzzle.  Simple quilting was all that was needed, since the fabrics have so much activity.

Because I had a lot of these slices leftover, I created another quilt for myself when I taught a class how to make this quilt.  This one still hangs in my kitchen.


                          Skull and Stuff Leftovers           37.5″ x 45″

So this is the end of the graduation quilts era, and I still contend that this was the beginning of a very productive period for me.  I played more and labored less, most likely reaching my 10,000 hours sometime during the process.  I’m glad I set out to make these eight quilts and am grateful for the experience.




2 responses

14 12 2012

Great Post.. Sonia

15 12 2012
Marty Suess

The colorful polka dots seem to be a unifying feature and become the place for the eye to rest. Interesting.

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