The Photo Shoot

7 12 2012

I have been adding “Photography by Sibila Savage” so often to this blog that I wanted to introduce her to you by adding this documentation of my latest trip to her studio in Emeryville two days ago. I have found it very valuable to have these professional photos of my work, to provide a personal history to my art.  Perhaps more importantly, these photographs have allowed me to enter my work in local and national quilt shows with the confidence that my work is being presented as well as possible.  Since Sibila works with a wide variety of artists as well as commercial customers, she has given guidance about optimal use of her skills within the artistic community.

My friend Pepper joined me for this shoot, and we shot a record-breaking 15 quilts in one (four-hour!!!) session.  Granted they were not all huge pieces; nonetheless, we worked hard getting it done.

After hauling all our bundles of quilts and supplies up to the studio, and after Sibila got the background papers in place, Pepper and I started in with the quilts, smallest first.  Here Sibila shoots the detail shot of one of Pepper’s pieces.


Proper lighting through fabric diffuses glare and diminishes shadows.  I can’t tell you how much fun it is to see my works in this environment, as though they were solo performers on a stage.  Hey, these look kinda good.

Sibila shooting a detail of one of mine:


Getting the light just right on one of my Fun Four variations.


By the time we got to these two largest pieces, it was quite an adventure to get them up on the wall.  Here’s Pepper’s largest, these amazing pinwheels in the Amish color palette, with the two of them getting all the edges to lie flat and prevent shadows near the quilt’s edges, using appropriate applications of artist’s tape to the back of the quilt.


I do not have the finished images of my quilts from this photo shoot yet, but rest assured that they will all appear here in the weeks to come.

During this shoot, Sibila and I tried to figure out how long we have been working together on getting my quilts documented, and our closest guess would be more than a dozen years.  Wow, my stuff has changed over that time period.

Click here to contact Sibila.




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