The Vintage Years

30 11 2012

In the continuing effort to document my quilting history, and allowing for my total disregard for any chronological order to this documentation, I want to spend a bit more time in “The Vintage Years”, a time when I was enthralled with collecting vintage fabrics and was beginning to use them in my own work.

After collecting for a number of years, I decided it was time to take the plunge and actually start cutting up these fabrics.  The first time I did this was in a class at The Cotton Patch in Lafayette.  Barbara Dallas was teaching a series of classes based upon classic quilting patterns, and the first one I took was the Dresden Plate class.

Dresden Plate


Dresden Plate, 1992            57″ x 73″           Photography by Sibila Savage

I remember making the template for the pattern and sitting there, very  consciously making the first cut.  Seemed significant at the time, though I really don’t know why.  Probably just another aspect of the quilting-as-therapy model.  Anyway, the result is this simple version of a 1930’s quilt.   Were I to redesign this now, I would place the light muslin in the corners, since I now see that the chosen fabrics kinda make the corners disappear, which I did not see at the time.  Oh, well . . .

Also note that I was still a hand-quilter at this time.  Wow, those were the days.  Still don’t quite know how I did this.  (Is this similar to how some women forget the pain of childbirth???)


I found a quilting pattern for the centers of these plates in Quilter’s Newsletter, and thought it just right.

Puzzle of the Day:  There is ringer in this plate, a fabric that is not actually vintage.  Can you find it??




9 responses

30 11 2012
judy jensen

how about the white fabric — around 10 o’clock?? your hand quilting is beautiful — hand quilting kept me occupied watching many nba games

30 11 2012

Sorry, J. That’s real vintage.

30 11 2012
Marty Suess

Is it the white zebra strip on pink with blue flowers? Marty

30 11 2012

Nope, that’s not the one, M.

1 12 2012

the red polka dots????

6 12 2012

No, not the dots.

3 12 2012
CL Tree

How about the one with the cherries?

This is the exact quilt I grew up under except the background wasn’t white, it was peach.

6 12 2012

And no, not the cherries. Does everyone give up??
CLT–I think that the reason I love the vintage stuff so much is that I did not have that quilt when I was growing up, and so I thought I might as well make my own. Feels right.

11 01 2013
Vintage Scraps « Susan Dague Quilts

[…] is.   For anyone still guessing which fabric is non-vintage in the Dresden Plate detail photo in this previous post,  the correct answer is the multi-colored pansy fabric just below the blue plaid at 3 […]

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