Love those triangles

23 11 2012

I am tempted to state that I never met a triangle I didn’t love, but, in all fairness, there may be a random shape I’ve not yet worked with that I find offensive (the obtuse, perhaps), so I will not make such a definitive statement.

That said, however, I’m still loving the equilateral and the right variations.

Since I had had so much fun playing with the zigzag sashing on many,  many quilts (see previous blogpost ), I decided to play with just the triangles.   I wanted to make rows and rows of them, using lots and lots of coordinated colors and patterns, with varying numbers of triangles grouped together.

After many attempts on the design wall, I found I could not get the fabrics to cooperate with each other, perhaps because of the boldness of the fabrics I had chosen.  The only way I could get them to play nicely was to put them in groups of three–then they all fell into place–problem solved.

Study in Blue and Orange

Study in Blue and Orange, 2009
Photography by Sibila Savage

I love the finished result, and finally found a resting place for this fabulous fabric I had been oogling forever, now the border of this quilt, a gift for Claire Vaccaro in celebration of her UC Davis graduation.

It wasn’t until the quilt was completed that I thought to run the triplets horizontally—-duhhhhh.  To save you the trouble of turning your head or your screen, here’s what it would have looked like. See what you think.  Looks very different, much more structural, but still interesting.

I think I need to make this quilt now, in a totally different set of colors, just to see if I still like it.



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