Freddy project update and another mistake

9 11 2012

Firstly, the work-in-progress quilt top, started in the Freddy Moran class and featured in the last post, has been finished.  I must confess that I reverted to some of my old habits as I put the last bits of this piece together.  I measured and squared up;  I guess I am not yet totally Freddified, but I am able to work just a little bit outside my comfort zone.  This muscle must be exercised a bit more.

Here’s the finished product:

I remain inspired by this class and am already planning my next quilt in this style.  Freddy had many pieces that were horizontally structured, and many in the class tried this method (Hi, Carolyn).  I think I will see how I like this layout next time.

AND, because I guilt-tripped myself for starting a new project when I had so many others waiting to be completed, I have spent this week moving three different projects closer to completion, and that this feels really good.  So there will be more new pieces posted here soon.

A mistake (?) turned out okay

I have written before about projects that I thought were good ideas at the time but, in the execution, turned out not to be so successful.  This is one of those projects.  I wanted to make another quilt using the 2″ squares on the diagonal, but I wanted to do something different.  In the sewing, I took a square section of patches out of the quilt, rotated the unit 45 degrees, and resewed it into the space.  I thought this was incredibly daring, and I was mistaken.  I thought the change would be dramatic, and it is so undramatic that it is even difficult to distinguish what was moved.  See what you think.

Red, White, Black Squares, 2012
36.5″ x 42.5″
Photography by Paul Hennessey

Even though the effect was not so dramatic, I love this quilt.  I think the graphic Sassaman print, made up of black sunbursts and spirals on white, saves this quilt.

Need to encourage myself to make more mistakes??????




3 responses

9 11 2012
Deanna Davis

Love those dots in the two corners!

9 11 2012

your freddy quilt turned out great!!
I’ve cut mine into 2 smaller ones and will send you pix…

12 11 2012
CL Tree

I love both quilts! The Jane Sassman fabric is the magic ingredient in Red, White & Black Squares. It challenges the eye to take a fun trip around quilt to figure out it’s construction. And your Freddy quilt is like a candy jar of color. Susan I don’t see you ever becoming totally Freddified and I can identify with the need to “square up”.

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