More Graduation Quilts

19 10 2012

Nights in Tahoe

Nearing the end of documenting my 2005-2007 project to give high school graduation quilts to all the girls in my daughter’s Piedmont Girls’ Group to help memorialize how they had stayed together since second grade, doing all sorts of projects and community service, I want to show this quilt I made for Karen Nicholls, a PGG mom and one of the fabulous ladies, along with Denise Grote, who served as leaders and were instrumental in keeping  this group together for all those years.

I found this wonderful pattern, Aardvark Quilts pattern Opus No. 11: Zig Zag, and thought it might work for one of the grad quilts.  At the time, I did not know it would turn out to be Karen’s.  This is another example of a quilt that made itself; the fabrics all seemed to jump right onto my design wall.  Lots of fun.

Nights at Tahoe, 2007
65″ x 79″
Photography by Sibila Savage

I loved creating a new (for me) quilting pattern for this quilt.  It was fun to see it take shape.  Click on photo to load a close-up view.

Nights at Tahoe, detail

Remember the Strokes

The zig zag quilt was so much fun that shortly thereafter, I made it again, this time for friend Susan H., whose daughter was also graduating. [Unfortunate photography by me;  no time to get this one professionally shot.]

Remember the Strokes, 2007
64″ x 80″

Made in the wonderfully vibrant colors of bright orange and dark green, the team colors of the local rowing club Oakland Strokes, on which my daughter and Susan’s daughter rowed, this quilt was also fun to create.  Since I had made a couple of raffle quilts for the Strokes, I had a large stash of oranges and greens, and it only took adding a few sock monkey fabrics to the mix to make this a totally Kim quilt.

Work in Progress Update—the 60° diamonds

Viewer Marty suggested that I reposition my diamond units into the baby block pattern to see if I liked them better in a different configuration.  I tried the baby blocks, and did not like the look, but loved the idea of moving them around.  Here is the one that I liked the most, and it’s similar to the baby blocks.   The diamond units seem more active and exciting here, showcasing the fabrics just a bit better, too.  This is a placement style that I saw in an Amish quilt exhibit in the City.

There may be hope for this project yet.  The new configuration, however, has not yet inspired me to do any more sewing on these darlings.  Oh, well . . . .




3 responses

19 10 2012
James Farr

Love the post!

19 10 2012

Horrray. So glad the diamonds are back in action!

22 10 2012
Marty Suess

Nice, I like it! – Marty

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