Works-in-Progress, Sept/2012

21 09 2012

? ? ? ? ? ?

How do we ever choose what to work on at any given time?  I came up with this question after returning from a relaxing week away from home (You were fabulous, Ashland OR and the OSF!).  I specifically took along a hand sewing project that I wanted to finish, and also packed a pile of fabrics for a project that I was considering for a new work, just in case I finished the first task.

You guessed it:  I completed about half of the original task, and then went nuts on  the pile of fabrics, and made these,  which currently have no planned home:

Just can’t stop making them for now.  I think I’m putting in my training time on the hand applique techniques, which I’m finding very satisfying, after doing so much patchwork for the last 40 years.

Since I could not stop sewing these things, I think this is the feeling that I am looking for when I do what I do—being “in the zone”, losing track of time, I’ll make just one more, this quilt “made itself”, I was just playing, etc.  I’ve been in all these states, and I think this is where I do the best work.

Another WIP

I’m making another quilt from 2″ squares, just like Fun Fours, as described in the previous Four Patches blog post.  The quilt top was done, but this quilt sat for quite a while because I wanted to find a new quilting pattern.  When I make a quilt I have made before I want to do  something new, something individual.  This time I wanted a different quilting.

I designed a free motion quilting pattern simple enough for me to be able to execute.  I think it will work out well.  Of course I chose to to these new machine quilting techniques on a quilt that is HUGE, so it will be a while in the making.

No longer a WIP

I finally figured out how to quilt this recent squares exercise about which I wrote in August, and had tons of fun doing it.  Really like how bright and cheery it came out.

All the circles seemed to coordinate well with all the dots.  I used a commercial template to start the centers of the large motifs, and then just eyeballed the rest of the spiral.  Also got a chance to use up some wonderful Sulky rayon 30-wt. threads from a previous project—orange, yellow and fuchsia.

Free form circles in the border–fast becoming one of my favorite border patterns, since it is soooooo fun to do.




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