Redwork Revisited

14 09 2012

The story of another quilt, one of my recent favorites—

My kids tell me that I never watch television, though I am in front of the device regularly.  What they mean is:  I never “watch” television, I merely “listen”.  My tolerant husband and family know that my hands will always be busy with some kind of project:  sorting fabrics for a quilt, knotting the ends of machine-quilting stitches, doing cross-stitching, paper piecing patches, doing hand applique, etc.

Over the last five or ten years I have been fascinated with simple embroidery, wanting to recreate the kitchen linens from my grandmother’s kitchen.  So I made billions of sets of cotton kitchen towels while listening to some great television programs and amassing a wonderfully healthy collection of vintage embroidery transfers, some of which are shown here:

So when I ran out of people to whom I could gift the towels, I finally realized I should use some of my favorite images from these vintage embroidery transfers to make a redwork quilt for myself.  Here is the result.  I love this quilt!!!  And I find Sibila’s detail shots compelling, too.

Redwork Revisited, 2011
71″ x 89″
Photography by Sibila Savage

Once I was on my way with the embroideries, I had to decide the placement of the images.  Collecting a large stash of white-on-red fabrics and red-on-white fabrics was enjoyable as well, and these needed to be scattered carefully around the quilt.

Then I thought I was finished.  But sometimes these quilts will not let themselves be done.  The problem:  I could not find an acceptable fabric for the triangle shapes on the top, bottom, and sides, so I made more embroideries, mostly from the “test samples” in the embroidery transfer sets.  These small images worked perfectly, even though it was more work.  This quilt also sat borderless for a while: nothing seemed to work until I found this large-scale floral print that did the trick.

Redwork Revisited, detail

Redwork Revisited, detail
The Juggling Beet


Others have liked this quilt as well, perhaps almost as much as I do, and I was pleased that some of those fans were the judges determining the entrants for the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2011.  I was very pleased to have been selected for that show and to have the opportunity to see my work on display with some absolutely fabulous quilts.

Tip:  Click on the whole quilt image to be able to see the details of some of these fun squares.




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14 09 2012

it’s a beauty, Susan!

21 06 2013
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